“BOOBYTRAP!” a poem written: on June 10, 2019 (Monday) This is a response to inspiration provided by a video on Tumblr entitled: “Boobytrap!” Le sigh!


It’s just a nice girl – with a tree in the clutch,

Of its branch, and it looks like it hurts and she’s scared!

I must-just-wanna SAVE HER – and [to] show her I CARED,

That she did get stuck – in that AWFUL? po-sition!


And help her “back out” of-that-mean-ol’-tree, with care!

(or) Perhaps I just hope that she’ll take her sweet pair,

And thank me by knocking her “boobs” in my face,

And saying: “These things! They-go-all-over-the-place,

But THANK GOODNESS, nice people like you come along,

And take-me-from-the-tree, putting-me-where I belong:

Which-is-on SOLID EARTH, beside loving men,

Who-may-be-mostly hor–y-bas—ds, but-will-excute-a-rescue[especially]when,

They’ll be saving a pretty maiden – from a terrible plight,

Like being-caught-by-a-dragon – or [being]-in a-“cat fight!”

Anyway, I’m SO GLAD that it-was all-gotten on-tape:

Her slip! Her tummy! [Yummy!] and her-bosom’s’ great-shape!

Thanks-be to-The-Camera-Person [Notice, I didn’t-say-“[camera]MAN!”]

For I-can well-imagine it-was-another-woman, and-y’all-had-a-plan,

To make a-tape of-“HER” – slipping-her-“girls” onto-that-branch,

To get a “million hits,” to-attract a cowboy with-a-ranch!

After-marriage, [of course] there’d-be-lots-of-babies*-with-smiles-on-their-“mugs,”

Because they’d-have-a-mommy – with those-kinda-jugs!

GOD BLESS “The God,” who-made all these fine shapes,

And! the-descendants of-Eve, who-gave-us-an-apple or-some-grapes!**

fin <3

  • – also known as “cowhands” in Texas!

** – According to some Jewish scholars, The Garden Story of Adam & Eve [Genesis] is accurate, save that it was NOT an apple given Adam, but “grapes,” or specifically wine, which dulled his senses and allowed “HER” to take advantage, for we know, before Eve, “HE” was “without sin,” a happy fellow, with no particular concerns; God fed him food, gave him the job of naming animals, and it was just good times (for a while)! Sigh!

Published by J Jay Samuel Davis

A West Texas Cowboy, seeking "fishers of (wo)men!"

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