“ASCENSION* SUNDAY AND BEYOND!” a poem 2 June 2019 (Sunday!!)

Why are ye standing, with clouds in your eyes?

Your Lord, He hath risen, beyond all the lies!

The lies of This World, condemning Your Faith,

And, now, YE MUST WAIT! This! we shall say-eth:

Now, you-must-learn-PATIENCE! and strength to endure,

Your lives without HIM? In patience, be pure,

And wait your commission – to go – to all men!

Gather together! You need-never ask when!

For you will be prompted – and will know how to act:

THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES – will surely im-pact!

So, BE STILL – and wait for your glorious “prize,”**

The Lord! EVER AFTER, despite lying eyes!

fin <3

  • – In many ancient texts, “The Ascension of Jesus” is described. The term “ascension” is unknown before this event, so some scholars have taken collateral evidence to establish the reason for its emergence. Weeks after The Resurrection, friends met at “The Dome of The Moon,” anticipating Jesus’ departure! When He began to rise, observers shouted: “Attention! The Lord is leaving!” He was lifted into the clouds, and, since He wore loose clothing, everyone saw His backside! Many hid their eyes, afraid to see The Holy A – – ; Some were saying: “Attention,” and others? “O. M. G., His – – – !” Thus, the term ASSCENSION was taken from this “merging!” [One “s” was subsequently dropped!] A minority of scholars disagree, but this is the majority opinion, explaining how the term found such immediate and widespread use! Although unverified, there is also some reliable eavidence that the confection MoonPie, re-invented in Chattanooga, Tenn., in 1917, was also first served at the infamous “Dome of The Moon!”

** – This Sunday, Ascension Sunday, anticipates next Sunday, Pentacost Sunday!