My Woman ~

“YOU ARE MINE! ” a poem, a.k.a.: “The Land of The Supreme Goddess!” for: Friday, May 17, 2019

Yes, SHE’s more than a girl; more than my gal!

She is MY HONEY! She is my pal!

“Please pass the sugar, although-your-honey’s-so-sweet;

You know – there is nothing – I-really-want-to-eat!

I-KNOW-you-can-do ANYTHING, with-a-wink-of-your-eye!

You-know-you’re-my-very-own-super-hero; your voice makes me cry!”

She’s “cheeky” and sneaky – and I love her so!

She’s-a s-x-al-goddess! This-I-do-know,

‘Cause she-turns-me-WAY-on, “in-the-twinkling of-an-eye!”

I’m-so-crazy-for-her; I can’t help but “die,”

Every-time-I-see-her! [for, she-takes-my-breath-away!]

And, then-I’m-asphyxiated! but, that-is-OK!

For we’re both immortal, so-we-go-to-another-world!

To-“The-Place-of-The-Mimzy,” where-we-gyrate-and-are-twirled!


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