“NOW YOU LOOK HERE!” a poem June 3, 2019 [Moon Day]

“NOW YOU LOOK HERE!” a poem June 3, 2019 [Moon Day]

You bunch of bastards! Life is a bunch of crap, and I’m not gonna take it any more!
I’m staying in bed forever – I’m going-to hide here – and snore,
And, if you want me to eat, bring me food,
But I DON’T CARE, ’cause life sucks!

I don’t give a f – – – if Trump is impeached or not,
And s- – -w The Russians! and the go- d – m – d law enforcement officials,
Who have nothing better to do than prosecute Julian A.

It’s ALL a f – – – ing bunch of c – – p,
And I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU – or where on the map,
You might live –
S – – -w it ALL – F – – – G – – d THE WORLD, it is a suck
& f – – – WITCHES TOO – I place a hex
ON! Hey, wait?! What’s that?
[At this point, a lady bug landed on His Welcome Mat!]

[& then jumps to the calf on His Right Leg!]
“STOP THAT!” and, with tears-in-his-eyes, He almost starts to beg!

“Stop (pause) IT – you little Dickens!”

& the little lady bug looked up, and had a little lady bug smile,
& I CRY AND FALL IN LOVE, and the neighbors, all the while,
Are looking at this and SAYING: “This guy is a kook!”
“Yea,” I scream back, “but I been working on a nuke –
In my basement – & I’m gonna
BLOW YOU ALL UP! except –
Now that I have my
New Friend Little Lady
BUG – I change

fin <3