Man, why are you uncomfoRtable to EXPOSURE ©

“EXPOSE!” a poem a.k.a.: “Man, Why Are You Uncomfortable?” June 2, 2019 [SUN.]

I’m in touch; I’m in touch! with all parts of ME,
For, I-can-tell what-res-o-nates na-tur-al-ly!!
I JUST KNOW, that-when-“something”-doesn’t-“resonate,” I need to with-draw,
For-that-situation-would-SURELY-be-WRONG-for-me! It’s a Spiritual Law!
A-Law-that-tells-me: “If-The-Body-Say: ‘THERE’S NO RESONATION HERE,’ “
I can just withdraw, and I shall not shed a [single] tear!

I’m free; I’m free! I got it ALL figured out!
I’m now “aware!”*** No-more-“button-pushing!’ I’m-beyond “The Pout!”
Whoopee! I’m SO excited! So, I think I’ll go to bed,
And I had a nice dream – a dream in my head!
In my dream, I met a fellow, a fellow named “[Z]ED!”
[The LAST of his kind? or-so it is said!]

ZED’s NEVER exposed!?! for He’s a part-of-me-which-is- undercover!
He might be my “twisted, transgender-sister!” or, maybe, my “brother,”
But his role is To-keep-me- from disco-vering-him!!!
By NON-RE-SO-NATION, if-I-get-close-to-his-“rim!”
For, if I get too close – to THE RIM OF HIS “JAR,”
I might look inside and say: “I see who you are!”

Zed’s-an-INTERESTING-piece – of an INFINITE PUZZLE,*
One-that-gets-still, if-YOU’RE-close! [For,] He-don’t-like-to-nuzzle,
So, He keeps me away from “things” that-might make-me AWARE?***
Like too many U. U. Meetings? or folks that sit and stare!
Or people who go to Poetry Groups? or nights-out for-karaoke,
You know, all those things that ZED says are “HOKEY!”
Because they make ZED uncomfortable – because,
It might just expose him AND what-he-does!

Which, coincidentally, is how The Ego “sings!”
Just remember: IF you ever want to identify ego-ic action,
Look to things concerned with HIDING – with careful, calculated – re-daction!**

fin <3

  • – called: The Mystery
    ** – Redaction means “censoring” or “obscuring” on purpose!
    *** – of WHAT? Well, that would be an interesting topic!