Money Vault AT THE BANK πŸ˜€

“THE VAULT AT THE BANK!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Banking Deposits!” a.k.a.: “Feeling Secure At The Local Bank!” a.k.a.: “Has-‘The-Show’ Shone-Upon-You?” 31 May 2019

The vault at the bank – was-gazing!! at-me?!

It smiled, and I melted – so na-tur-a-lly!

So, The Vault (VERY OPEN) said (to a little pile of tears):

“Are you OK?” and from all of my fears,

I looked up and said: “Were you smiling my way?”

“Well-yes!” quoth-The-Vault; “but you-need NOT pay,

By meta-mor-pho-sizing – in-to LIQUID GOLD!”

“Oh! OK,” I said: “but, since-I-AM, aren’t we told,

To put gold deposits – in the most secure banks?”

So! She took me up quickly – and put me in “tanks,”

Then-put-me-in-IN-SIDE! “Are-you-OK for-the-night?”

“Well, I’m not really sure! Can you love me?” “ALL RIGHT!”

So, we stayed “locked TOGETHER,” a dos[e] NOT a trois,

Quietly! Shhhh! (pause) Shhhho’wn-a- quite-“raw!”

Like the PUREST OF GOLD – on the quiet-est night,

In a QUITE secure VAULT – It’ll be “outta sight!”

In the morning, The Bank? It was BROKE! (pause) WE GOT A-WAY!!!!!

To-live in – THE HEART OF THE VAULT – ev’ry day!

fin <3