Texas Cowboy

“THE HARDHEADED BRAT OF BREWSTER COUNTY?!” a poem August 7, 2018 -💣💣

“THE HARDHEADED BRAT OF BREWSTER COUNTY?!” a poem August 7, 2018 – Tuesday. a.k.a.: “Doctors, Lawyers, Indian Chiefs: IF You Have Questions, Call The Thiefs; If You’ve No Questions, Then Something’s Wrong – You-Need-An-Attitude-Adjustment … And A Different Song!” “YOU! YOU! – You-you-need, To ‘get on board’ and learn to read! And-agree-more-often with conventionality! IF-you-don’t, […]


POLITICAL CORRECTNESS … AND … the power to insure that people not of his political “affiliation” would keep their opinions to themselves!😁😁😁😁

“JUDGEMENT, WITH AN ‘E’ ! “ a poem, a.k.a.: “Judgment Is As Judgment Does!” Tuesday, July 10th 2018 All this talk of JUDGMENT, has got me smiling loud, People, focused-on-going-around, pointing fingers proud: Democrats, Republicans, Patriots and “fools(?)” Activists and Black-tivists, and TALKING HEADS, on stools! The things they’ve all in common is thin-skins and […]

J Jay Samuel Davis

Coffee Maker *🆘

“ANYTHING BUT PLAIN[e]!” a poem for Damien, a.k.a.: “The Calm* Barista Man!” June 24, 2019 (Monday) The Most Efficient (pause) and-Level-Headed Barista-in-Town: DAMIEN! (pause) at-Plaine-Coffee-can-be-found, Brewin’ – and-Doin” THAT which-others-ONLY-DREAM, O’ – doin’ (pause) because [believe-you-me] IT-MIGHT-S E E M, That such smooth speed and a-gil-ity, (Making-it-look-EFFORT-LESS), with-such-hu-mility, Might-be boring!? BUT! – NO! and-even-manners-abound! DAMIEN! […]


“Politically Incorrect And Not Proud Of It!” 

“HARDHEADED MONSTER!” a poem. August 28, 2018 – Tuesday. a.k.a.: “Politically Incorrect And Not Proud Of It!” He won’t listen – to anyone – ANYONE AT ALL!! Or! He listens to EVERYONE, but will not “heed their call!” They-used-to-say: “You’re a FREE-THINKER!” or “You’re clever & cool,” But NOW – “You’re HARDHEADED!” He-says: “I ain’t […]