Remember all those lost moments ~ LETTER TO MY HUSBAND

I don’t know what got us here makes me feel that it’s all fallen into pieces since the day I first saw you . You know those moments you think that this can’t be happening to you when and the world keeps spinning and how your mind keeps straying back to see you again. And […]


Little miss innocent 🐝

“LITTLE MISS INNOCENT!” a poem a.k.a.: “IS!” a.k.a.: “Demolition Woman!” a.k.a.: “Sugar Rush!” a.k.a.: “The Coffee Shop of Blue[s]!” June 22, 2019 (Saturday) “REA – lly – love me!” (pause) That-IS-what-you-said, One fine night, in a dream in my head! “And what does that mean?” I-might reply; “LOVE ME ‘TIL THE DAY I DIE!” “You […]

The joys of an unclean man πŸ™„

“PERFECT INSPIRATION!” a poem a.k.a.: “The Joy[s] of The Unclean Man!” June 23, 2019 (Sunday) The “greatest” inspiration[s] – come-from Phar-i-sees, From lawyers-and-politicians! They drop me to my knees, So I can KISS THEIR RING[s] – and WORSHIP at Their ALTAR – OF MONEY-&-PROGRESS!? You-know, I might just falter, But-I-won’t-forget These-boobies -are-“fodder”-for-me, To write another […]

America πŸ™‡

KIND [ ] OF!” a poem Sunday: June 23, 2019 SUCCESS-and -FAILURE! Aren’t-they-the-same-event!? One might stay! One? might-‘a’-went! Then, can-they-trade places!? It’s-a-“TRiUMPhant-Point-ofView!” Recently: “Withdraw-The-Order!”* ’cause-that’s-what-Donald-WANTS-TO-DO! This-fellow-can-change-his-mind, with the click of a switch! A threat of force!-or-a-“Twitter,” can-now-be-“A-Stitch, A bloody, silly STITCH! IN-TIME,”** Which-is-supposed-to-“save-us!?” But, you-know? Yeah! I’m, Gazing-into “lifeless eyes,”*** Seeing each new-disguise, And, yet, […]

The Difference

“THE DIFFERENCE!?” a poem 23 June 2019 (SUNDAY) The GOD of The Jews:* “I’m-givin’-you-EVERYTHING! Enjoy-it, but-not-too-much!” The GOD of Jesus: “Enjoy IT – AND – Be in touch, WITH LOVE! So, give-and-pray-for-ALL! The GOD of The Jews: “HEED MY CALL, For-sacrifice, AND – Be-sure-to-make-me-smile!” Of Jesus? “I’m SLEEPING!? all the-while!” While The Disciples were on-board, […]

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