You are a powerful Woman ๐Ÿ’ƒ

Never underestimate the power of a kind woman Kindness is a choice of incredible inner strength The sadness, some people will only love you as much as they can use you Their loyalty stops when the benefits stop Some people don’t love you, they don’t really care about you They just need to stay connected […]


I believe in love โค๏ธ

“CONFUSING BELIEVING EVERYTHING YOU SAY WITH TRUSTING YOU! a poem a.k.a.: “To Extremes!” Wednesday (June 19, 2019) L.ots-O.f -L.aughs! Definitions! We are such a breed, Of: TRUSTING BELIEVING easily-SWAYED-homo-sapiens-indeed! You say: “Why-don’t-you-TRUST-me?” when offering a sugge[u]stion, Thinking-your-plan-is-sacrosanct, believing-in-spontaneous-combusion! OF COURSE I TRUST YOU – to-do-what-you-say? (pause) And: to-say-what-you-think! and – TO KEEP-YOUR-“BETTER”-WAY! “Are we on […]

We have learned a lot from life! Let it be ๐ŸŒ

“A LOT!” a poem WEDNESDAY: June 19, 2019 We-have-ALL-learnt! SO MUCH from Life! I shall-conduct-“our-victory- band!” with-drum-and-fife! And, if-aliens-land, they’ll-ask: “What-did-you learn?” “Addition and subtraction: To BLOCK! and burn!” “Well, what-may-we-ask – is 2 + 3?” “Oh! We-never got-THAT-FAR – in-our-so-phistry!” When-we-get-to-HEAVEN, THEY’ll-[also] [maybe] ask: “What-did-y’-learn-to-complete-The-Task!” “What task was that? For, we-could-never-agree! On-what-anything-was!” “Can-YOU-[EVEN] – […]

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