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Coffee on the menu again folks ~

“COFFEE BLISS EARLY IN THE MORNING!” a poem, sung to the music from the original TV series “The Addams Family,” which first aired in 1964! a.k.a.: “2 Sugars!” a.k.a.: “The Kissing Song!” June 19, 2019 [Wednesday! Pugsley! Lurch! Grandmama! Uncle Fester! + Gomez & Morticia Addams!]

Please substitute (or better yet supplement) the dual finger snapping with the words: KISS! KISS! Thank you!

1st Time: {doo-doo-doo-doo} KISS! KISS! {doo-doo-doo-doo} KISS! KISS!

{ } { } { } KISS! KISS!


I’m waiting home a-lo-one! With-the tele-pho-one! I’m ly-y-ing on my-bed-prone!


And I am con-sti-pated! Fo-or, so-long I’ve waited! I-need-to-be “coffee ma-ated!”*


{ } LAX! { } A-TIVE! { } { } { } TO-LIVE!

da-da-da-da I’ll-put 2 sugars in-there! For-relief; yes! on-The Cha-air! Then-I’ll-wait-with-out-a-ca-are! COFFEE BLISS FOR ME! KISS! KISS!

2nd Time: Repeat ENTIRE 1st Time, including original REPEAT! [for continuation!]

She likes her coffee bla-ack! There is-no turnin’ ba-ack! 2-sugars, cube or-sa-sack!


One su-gar-is a ki-iss! You must remember thi-is! We call-it “Coffee-Bli-iss!”


{ } BLACK! { } SWEET! { } { } { } LOTS-OF-HEAT!

da-da-da-d- Drink-sweet-and-you-will-stay-sweet! From one-head down-to two-feet! 2-sugars, you-just can’t-beat! MY WIFE-EE, I LOVE YOU! KISS! KISS!

fin <3

  • – There are many discussions about the laxative effect of coffee! Some people say the heat itself can help relieve constipation! Others say that the dehydrating effect of coffee must mean it can NOT help relieve constipation, even though many swear by The Coffee Gods that the only way they can poop is with a hot cup! You decide! Good luck!
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J Jay Samuel Davis

Wallpaper Lady 🎁

“WALLPAPER WOMAN!” a poem for my OAO – Tuesday! 18 June 2019

My “Wallpaper Woman!” I love her; I need her;

I’ll eat her; I’ll lick her – if-I’m-lucky, I’ll-seed-her!

She smiles! I’m wild! in-love-with-her-ALL;

My Wallpaper Woman! I simply MUST call!

Every-moment of the day – and several-times in the night,

My Wallpaper Honey is “clean outta sight!”

NO-She’s-NOT, That’s-The-Point! She’s-ever-on-my-phone;

She-is, when-we’re-in-a-big-crowd; she-is, when-I’m-alone!

She’s-here in-this-box, which-I-can-NEVER-lose,

Because, without-my-Wallpaper-Woman – I’d-have-t’turn-to-[the]-booze!

Or: I’d-just-have-to-die! or: become-an-International-spy,

So I could locate her! I’d-try and-I’d-try!

Yes, I’d-try-to-locate-her wherever-I’d go:

In-Is-tanbul!-Bermuda! at-The-Cannes’-Film-Fest show!

I’d-be looking-for-this-woman who-I-can’t-be-with-out!

Thank goodness we’re married! (Did you have any doubt?)

fin <3