Coffee on the menu again folks ~

“COFFEE BLISS EARLY IN THE MORNING!” a poem, sung to the music from the original TV series “The Addams Family,” which first aired in 1964! a.k.a.: “2 Sugars!” a.k.a.: “The Kissing Song!” June 19, 2019 [Wednesday! Pugsley! Lurch! Grandmama! Uncle Fester! + Gomez & Morticia Addams!] Please substitute (or better yet supplement) the dual finger […]


Wallpaper Lady ๐ŸŽ

“WALLPAPER WOMAN!” a poem for my OAO – Tuesday! 18 June 2019 My “Wallpaper Woman!” I love her; I need her; I’ll eat her; I’ll lick her – if-I’m-lucky, I’ll-seed-her! She smiles! I’m wild! in-love-with-her-ALL; My Wallpaper Woman! I simply MUST call! Every-moment of the day – and several-times in the night, My Wallpaper Honey […]

Kye Tanson ~ Australia, the ugly side of child rape ~ welcome to prison

Child photographer Kye Tanson will serve at least 15 years behind bars for the rape of 15 children some as young as 9 years old ! A CHILDRENโ€™S photographer who befriended single parents at support groups and joined board game meets at local libraries in order to sexually abuse their children has been sentenced to […]

Pandora ~mobile Device โ“

“PANDORA’S BOX GOT NOTHIN’ ON US!” a poem Tuesday: June 18, 2019 What-an-interesting-box-you-have-devised! It-screams-with-pain-&-longing! It URGES you, with screams SO TRUE that to-IT-you-are-belonging! “ANSWER ME,” not quiet-ly, IT bellows, day and night; It-will wake-you-up at 3 A M; it-will-scrape-and-wail-and-fight, To get-you-to-respond! Is-it-FILLED with-many devils? Nostradamus-remembers: (pause) Nations! (pause) It levels! It’s – Lara-Croft’s “Pandora’s Box!” […]

Relatively Relative Real or not ~

“RELATIVELY RELATIVE!” a poem June 18, 2019 [2 2 2 2 day] “We move and breathe and have our being,”* In-this “relatively-real-thing” we’re seeing, Until-we-apparently simply die? And-relative-time-stops, and we ask, “Why?” A-4-D-Life-Review’s SO com-pressed, It happens at-once, and we’re-impressed, And-guess: “This-is-REAL?-and-Heaven-waits, For-wishers-of-Harps-&-Heavenly-Gates! Will you HEAR? The-Celestial Choirs-sing? They-have a-relatively-real-ring! And-WHILE-THERE, we hear of-a-HIGHER-Heaven, Much […]

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