Wisconsin: Parphrey’s Glen β€” Lightscapes Nature Photography Blog

The same morning that saw me spend time at Pewit’s Nest and McGilvra Woods ended with a stint at Parphrey’s Glen State Natural Area. (One of the most attractive things about the Baraboo Hills area of Wisconsin is that there are a large number of interesting locations all within a 15-20 minute drive of oneΒ […] […]


Saddest of time ~ Summer Time sealed with a kiss πŸ’¦

“RIGHTEOUS!” a poem June 16, 2019 (Sunday) Go ve – gan! No foot-print!* If-NO-an-i-mal-food! (pause) no-stint?** Drink flaxmilk! GOOD – karma! BE RIGHT-EOUS! What-about-Big-Pharma? Pharma’s-karma? is-it-growing? Because we-are -all-knowing, That-they – poisoned-us AND-led-us-in, To: “The-Unholy” with-[their]-me-di-SIN!? Yet, I just don’t-believe-in-karma, So-I’m-sure Pharma’s-long-arm-a, Will-take most of-our-money, ‘Cause they-think it’s-very-funny, To-provide-“vitamins”***- for-the “sick-ones,” Like: ve-e-gans – and […]

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