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Forbidden Highlander by Donna Grant ~ Review 


Fallon MacLeod has gifts any warrior would covet – fierce strength, unmatched skill, even immortality. But those gifts come at a price that puts everyone he loves at risk. Only when his brother, Quinn, is taken captive does Fallon leave the seclusion of his Highland home to seek the king’s aid. And though every women at court would gladly be his for the asking, one alone causes desire to roar to life within him: beautiful, mysterious Larena Monroe.


Rumors swirl around the castle about “The McLeod” but Larena knows the truth. Like Fallon, Larena is searching for a way to vanquish the evil Druid who wants to wreak havoc on earth. Drawn to Fallon in spite of her fear, she surrenders to a passion that shocks them both with its raw intensity. But Larena dares not hope for more – not when she holds a secret that could turn her fiery Highland love against her forever…

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I love Fallon.  He’s been struggling to deal with the God inside him for centuries.  Wine had kept it at bay most of that time but he’s woke from his drunkenness with the end of the last book and the capture of his brother.  Now he feels the guilt for all he should have been doing the 300 years instead of hiding in a bottle.  He’s clearly a Highlander and a male to the last degree.  The kings castle is no place for this man of action.  The politics of those that he finds there grate on him.  Larena, on the other hand, has his complete attention.

This story has us at the kings castle for a lot of the book.  And it introduces us to the only female warrior.  Larena has the ability to disappear.  It has her fighting in the raw.  I was happy to have a female warrior.  She’s been trying to find the McLeod’s for a while.  It’s beyond lucky that she found him at the kings castle, but he won’t even hear her out.  She’s going to have to work hard to get his attention.

I enjoyed both of these characters and the introduction of Larena’s cousin, Malcolm.   I’m happy that he gets a book later on, though I feel he has a hard road ahead of him.  There is a growing group of characters that all intrigue me.  I do wonder a lot about the future of all of them.  I know how things end up because I’ve read the spin-off series, Dark Kings.  I just can’t quite mesh the two yet.  So, of course, I will read on.

I did wonder about why Fallon went to the kings castle instead of after his captured brother.  The book did address it but I didn’t buy the reasons.  Fallon is too much a Highlander and dealing with guilt at this point.  I just couldn’t see him running to get his castle returned to him before he rescued his brother.  

Having read this authors later books, I can see that she’s improved in her style and ability.  I did enjoy the story but I also saw the flaws.  

Excited for more.  Quinn’s book is next and I wonder how that’s going to go with him captured by Deirdre.  


Ryan suttle** AustraLian Child Prostitution

Ryan Suttle has pleaded guilty to child prostitution, production and collecting child exploitation material and a host of other charges.

Facebook, snapchat and Instagram, how often have we heard about these social media platforms being used as a predators hunting grounds.

This case is no different with Ryan Suttle, 26 from the Illawarra region of N.S.W, using these platforms to find underage teenage girls, harass them and turn them into child prostitutes by offering them money to perform various sexual assaults on the girls all of which he would film.

Of course he would then turn those crime scene videos into child exploitation material which he would then use against the girls to get them to do more horrendous acts. Initially he was released on bail, however his victims came forward and said he had continiued to interact with them which caused his bail to be revoked. He has been behind bars now for almost a year.

Suttle had racked up 45 charges against 9 victims, 7 of the victims had been identified and come forward. 2 victims sadly are yet to be identified. He was initially charged with 86 offences in total, however admitted to 45 of them in a plea bargain struck with the Director of Public Prosecutions.

He will formally be sentenced on 23 charges, with the remaining 22 to be taken into account to determine the objective seriousness at sentencing. The other 41 charges were withdrawn. I have to say Suttle got the good end of this deal by a long way ! Who approved this deal ? 86 charges and he is only facing 23 ? With a further 22 to be taken into account.

Once again it seems our DPP has given away justice for a guilty plea. STOP DOING THAT !
Make him face all 86 of the charges against him ! Stop sacrificing the victim’s justice for your win/loss record….that’s pathetic and unfair! You are meant to be the defenders of the public, so now…. defend the public !

Included in the charges for which Suttle will be sentenced are four counts of using a child aged 14 to 18 for child prostitution, involving two victims. The charges carried a maximum jail term of 10 years. Meanwhile, prosecutors said facts were yet to be agreed on in all but one set of charges, which relate to Suttle filming teenage girls performing sexual acts.

The fact sheet says police discovered three child porn videos stored in Suttle’s phone when they seized it as part of his arrest. One video, shot on February 11, 2017 in North Wollongong, shows an unidentified girl masturbating Suttle, while two others shot the day beforehand show another underage girl performing lewd acts with a banana and ice block.

This was included in our report to highlight Suttle’s depravity and control over these girls. They are not even slightly to blame here and anyone doing so will have their comments deleted and will be banned should they push the point.

Suttle is a master manipulator, he has perfectly crafted his game, from the moment they first reject his advances all the way to when he wears them down and gets what he wants through the use of blackmail, guilt, money and anything else he can use to break these girls down.

Ryan Suttle should face Wollongong court next month sometime. We can only hope he is put behind for at least 10 years. We would love to see him locked up for the rest of his natural life for what he did to these girls, it is absolutely horrendous and abhorrent.

Let this be a warning to parents and carers everywhere about just how very important it is to monitor your children’s social media accounts ! It’s not snooping, it’s protecting your children from predators like Suttle and it is good parenting to be aware of who your child talks to and what they are saying.

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The playing is the thing ~

“DESPITE THE THINGS WE DO, ALL WILL BE WELL!” a poem for: Sunday [June 9, 2019]

“The Play’s the thing!” “The game’s a-foot!”

And-questions are-all- together-moot!

Why-do-we-do the things we do?

There was a time, I THOUGHT I KNEW,

But-now-I’m-quite-sure: I-never-had-“a-clue!”

And-now-I-don’t-care ’bout-The-WHY-HOW or-WHO,

For-I’m fairly content to-be ig-nor-[e]ant, (pause)

For, I-really DON’T-think we-are Heaven-sent!

Yet, we’re-certainly-not-so-“bad” [that] we should go to H – L L!

And, despite-every-thing I’m-sure-ALL-WILL-BE-WELL,

Despite that-The-World seems-to-be running-“pell mell!”

“For whom it tolls, there-goes-The-Bell!”

Oh-yeah-whatever! Relax! Every-thing-will-be-OK,

And, IF-NOT, no-one’s-changin’-it anyway!

fin <3

Beautiful woman 💃

“OUR THEME IS OUR WISH OF LOVE!” a poem June 9, 2019 (Sunday)

“Offering”-Beau-tiful-Women (pause) AP-PRECIATION,

Is-The-Theme-of-Our-“Site,” of Feline Sen-sation!

For-to SAVOR and-exalt the feminine form,

Has sadly be-come something-other-than-The-Norm!

Sadly! Men-crave – mostly to use,

The-body-of-a-woman, but – should we ex-cuse,

The mean ex-ploitation and harm that can come,

If people-don’t-RE-SPECT, and respect, it comes from:

LOVE! for The Feminine – and THE LOVE OFFERED YOU,

By a woman in love, and she just LOVES to do,

Kind, gentle, nurturing things for her man;

She loves-to-be-submissive – and-do-the-best that she-can!

SHE loves-to-look-attractive, so her lover feels good;

Yet, some still do hurt-her, yes, harm her: “Please, could –

You please-let-me-‘enrich’-you, with caresses-and-such!”

It MAY help-to-develop your-“feminine-touch!”

So, we-offer – these-beautiful pictures for-each,

One who appreciates – what-we-have to-teach,

Which-is: appreciation!-and-kindness! So, please-DO-en-joy,

And-please-respect-HER-body! She-is-more than-a-toy!

fin <3

Jack be quick Jack be Nibble Jack needs a helper ~ Hands up lol

“THE FALSE JACK AND THE REAL JACK!” a poem for Sunday: 9 June 2019. Stay tuned for “The Story of Jack!” by J. S. Woo-us! from: “The Chronicles of Mimia,” with characters like: The Supreme Commander, “Askissin;” Prince “Jacks[i]on;” Margie Perversie; her brother “Peter;” Glenda, The Good Witch of The North; and many others!

This comes to us – from J-Jay of Auld:

“There’s-a TRUE-JACK!-and-a-FALSE-JACK!” This! WE-ARE-“TOLD!”

Evidently, The “Real” lives – in the vast Pacific,

Although The “False” Jack – gets-a-bit-more-specific!

For the UNTRUE ONE dwells – in The NORTHERN Atlantic,

Yet all these tales – are-really – quite pedantic!

Actually, as we know, in our Nautical Ways,

The oceans-are-one, joined in – se-veral sprays!

So, UNITED! and this fact helps us to know:

That-The-False-Jack-and-The-Real-Jack are-ONE! 🙂 – Ho, ho, ho!

How can you say that, Mis-ter-Mystic[al]-Poet?

These are such mysteries! How can you know-it?

“Well, I-just-asked J-Jay Sam-u-el Davis,

Of-Alpine-a-Texas; he-maybe will save-us!”

For we should all know THAT-DIVISION IS FALSE,

And-The-World-is-so-silly – doing-it’s-“Separation Waltz;”

Religions and philosophies are DANCING-’round-your-queries,

For they don’t know either! Please, just dry your tear-iest!

THE MYSTERY’S JUST THAT – There is endless speculation,

To take you all on – a permanent vacation,

Into “The Realm – of-The-World-ly-Ser-i-ous,”

But, it’s-all SO-SILLY, and the rulers are delirious!



fin <3

  • – or is that The Rapists!?

We honour this man today. These staunch warriors never forgotten. Maybe today instead of crying fowl take time to read this story of great strength for freedom. Shame on those that sit in chairs with flapping mouths disapproving or judgement of the soothsayers . Action or hide. These stories of great Americans who served their Country without reserve we now our head in Peace. – America

Van T Barfoot died…  (2012)

Remember the Guy who wouldn’t take The flag pole Down on his Virginia Property a
While back? You might Remember the news story several Months ago About a crotchety old man in

Virginia who Defied his local Homeowners Association, And refused to take down the

Flag pole on His property along with the large

American flag He flew on it.

Now we learn Who that old man was.

On June 15, 1919, Van T. Barfoot was born in

Edinburg, Texas . That probably didn’t make

News back Then.
But  Twenty-five years later, on May 23, 1944, Near Carano  , Italy ,
That same Van T. Barfoot,

Who had in 1940 enlisted in the U.S. Army, set

Out alone to Flank German machine gun

Positions From which gunfire was raining

Down on his Fellow soldiers.

His advance Took him through a minefield but

Having done So, he proceeded to single-handedly

Take out Three enemy machine gun positions,

Returning With 17 prisoners of war.

And if that Weren’t enough for a day’s work,     he
Later Took on and Destroyed three German tanks

Sent to Retake the machine gun positions.

That probably Didn’t make much news either,

Given the Scope of the war, but it did earn

Van T. Barfoot, who retired as a Colonel after

Also serving In Korea and Vietnam , a well

Deserved Congressional Medal of Honor.

What did make News…Was his Neighborhood

Association’s Quibble with how the 90-year-old

Veteran chose To fly the American flag outside

His suburban Virginia home. Seems the HOA rules Said it was OK to fly a flag on a house-mounted Bracket, but, For decorum, items such as  Barfoot’s   21-foot
Flagpole were “unsuitable”.

Van Barfoot Had been denied a permit for

The pole, but Erected it anyway and was facing

Court action Unless he agreed to take it down.

Then the HOAStory made national TV,

And the Neighborhood Association rethought

Its position And agreed to indulge this

Aging hero Who dwelt among them.

“In the Time I have left”, he said to the

Associated Press, “I plan to continue

To fly the American flag without interference.”

As Well he should.
And if any of his neighbors had taken a Notion to Contest him Further, they might have done well to Read his Medal of Honor citation first. Seems it Indicates Mr. Van Barfoot  wasn’t
Particularly Good at Backing down.

If you got This email and didn’t pass it on –

Guess what -You need your butt kicked

I sent this To you, because I didn’t want MY butt kicked!