Once upon a time a greyhound was born in Australia . He was worth so very little that he wasn’t even given a name . Neither cared for or loved by his racing industry owner , he was sold to the hell on earth known as The Canidrome in Macau China , to race for what his life was worth . He was given a racing name ” Chill Sing” for identification at The Canidrome , but in reality he was just a cell number “508 “. “508 ” now diced with death each time he was taken out onto the deadliest race track in the world . He was literally running for his life . It was only a matter of time before his days would be numbered like the thousands before him who never came out of that place alive. While ” 508″ languished in there , suffering unimaginable neglect and pain in a damp, cold cell that could only be described as a living hell , his condition and that of most of the other 530 worsened with each passing day . With three concrete walls and a ceiling above him , all he could see or do for 23.5 hours per day was listen to the whimpering, yelping cries of his fellow cell mates . If he was lucky he got taken out of his cell for a few minutes and was tied to a rail with a lead so short his neck was stretched high and he couldn’t lay down while his excrement was hosed out of the cell . He would then be forced back inside his now saturated cell with only a wet floor and no warm bed to lay on until the next day . In winter he froze and in summer it was so hot and humid , he would have to lie on the filthy floor with his head under the bars of the cell door to try and catch a little fresh air or a breeze. The conditions were atrocious and the food no better . Dry kibble and water was all he was given . For “508 ” his days were spent staring at a concrete wall except for a few minutes when he was walked around the Canidrome laneways to stretch his legs in preparation for racing . His feet had never touched grass , he only knew that the humans around him were too busy and unfriendly to give him the time of day. Never had he been spoken to with kind soft words , brushed , patted or even given a scratch under the ear . Like most of the other greyhounds that were barely existing in the Canidrome , 508″ withdrew into himself to survive . Then one day a kind human lady and a man came to visit him and told him that everything was going to be ok and to just hang in there a little longer ….if he could. A few more friendly humans also began visiting him regularly and taking him out for walks .. ….along the same concrete laneways but they would at least allow him stop and relieve himself . They didn’t pull hard on his lead or yell at him to hurry up . He had a bath , and photos taken . The cuddles were nice and he really looked forward to them but the months dragged on and he was still confined to his cell for long long hours each day . His bones ached from never having a soft bed to sleep on , his teeth were sore and rotting in his mouth from not having ever eaten good or nourishing food . He was melting in summer and freezing in winter . His shivering causing callouses to build up on his elbows from the hard concrete he layed on . But the day did come for ” 508″ . He didn’t know it when his cell door was opened that day on 16th March 2019 , or that it was going to be for the last time . He stepped out of his prison cell and into a new life that was just about to begin . Firstly , he was off to a foster home with a kind Portuguese man and his family, to wait until his turn came to head back to Australia and whilst living in an apartment many many floors tall might sound unconventional for an ex racing greyhound , it was actually the perfect way for him to transition from cell life to eventually life on a farm. He now had the comfort of a soft bed and more freedom to move around. He was escorted down in the building’s lift three or four times per day to relief himself outside and most of all he was shown love and compassion . Smelling , seeing , hearing so many new and strange yet wonderful things in a crowded city would have been daunting for most dogs locked away for so long and deprived of everything a pet would normally experience but “508” took it all in his stride . Each day became more wonderful to be alive . His foster family made sure of that . Then on Monday 20th May two months after being freed from the horrors of The Canidrome , this little brindle greyhound , who now had his very own official pet name ” LENG CHILL ” ( Cantonese for beautiful Chill ) – CHILL for short , said goodbye to his temporary foster family and headed home to Australia. Our little ( and he is small for a boy ) greyhound is finally home . Back in the country where he was born and should never have left . He has felt the grass beneath his feet for the first time and smelled the fresh country air . He has the freedom to run and play on over an acre of land when ever he wants . He has people who love him and he is truly alive and able to be ‘ just a dog ‘ at last . Welcome home CHILL โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ. One of the 18 who made it home when 18,000 others didn’t ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข

Once upon a time a greyhound was born in Australia . He was worth so very little that he wasn’t even given a name . Neither cared for or loved by his racing industry owner , he was sold to the hell on earth known as The Canidrome in Macau China , to race for […]


Australia and Ireland ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช

This was taught us some years back & many believe all Aussies should be aware of it, if not know revere it. THE CROSSES OF THE FLAG ST. PATRICK’S CROSS Diocletian Constantine became the Emperor of Rome, elected by legions of the army while he was still in Britain. When the whole Empire had acknowledged […]

Who are we to seek Judgment ~ Judgement was made on behalf of the poor victim โœŒ๏ธ

A Perth prison is under fire for not doing enough to stop baby killer and torturer Mervyn Bell from killing himself. Do you think they should have done more to save him ? Mervyn Bell kidnapped, tortured, sexually abused and killed his partner’s 10-month-old son over 15 hours in March 2013. Bell was serving a […]

Canโ€™t live with them or without them ๐Ÿ•บ

“CAN’T LIVE WITH-‘EM!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Welcomes Husband Home!” “Men and women are doomed to fail!”Said Jesus Christ, over-a-pint-of-ale!“They always fight – and-they’re-on-each-other’s-case,And, once a gal gets her house, She-wants-Him out-o’-the-place!” “Men MUST[?] always go on, searching for another,Conquest! and-He’s always under cover,Hiding the fact – that he’s a man with ‘drives,’And-a-REAL-man must-have about at-least […]

Starting over again ~ oh my goodness gracious heโ€™s lovely ๐Ÿ†

“IT’S TIME TO START OVER; IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!” a poem June 8, 2019 (Saturday) “It’s time again! It’s time again! Time-t’-listen-to-me-moan! I got a lotta problems! My weight is 20 stone! My neck is stiff, I want some ‘sweets,” (pause) and-my-back-is-awfully-sore! I don’t-like-the-neighbor’s-doggie, and I’ve-got-a so much more!” “Before you go-on, Dear Sweetie, could-I-ask […]

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