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Give me it all of it 💃🏽 I need ALFRESCO 🤪

“CRIES INTO THE NIGHT!” a poem 7 June 2019 (Friday)

Living on The Edge, this lover’s stuck in bed,

Screaming off – his-or-her? Pretty Little Head!

“I need ALFREDO! Come to me!

Alfredo! Alfredo!” so em-pha-tic-ally!

Shaking! Hungry – for love, as a “wife?”

“Alfredo! Come to me! Save my life!

Feed me – need me – as I need you!

COME TO ME! IF-your love is true!

Be my lover! Be my friend;

Guide and protect me – until The END!”

Reinforcements ARRIVED! Carrying a tray,

And it was so STACKED – in-many a-sensual* way!

BREAD STICKS! with-garlic! Spaghetti! Lots of sauce!

Our-lover’s-eyes-lit-up! Welcome! TO THE BOSS!

“It’s AL-FREDO! ALFREDO! sauce! FOR ME?!”

The lovely, lonely LOVER gorged-[ – – – ] self – gree-ee-d-i-ly!

fin <3

  • – or is that ES-SENT-IAL way

One For Zombie 🧟‍♂️ has been banned 32 Countries ( read only for the Very cool mind) warning ⚠️©

ONE FOR THE ZOMBIES: [banned in thirty-two countries and whirled wide!]

“The ABC’s Of Making Love With Zombies!” a poem a.k.a.: “Dead Folks Need Love Too!” June 7, 2019 {Friday}

A. Annabel Lee* is-a rotting in The Grave;

NECK-er-OH!-phil-ia!! That’s what I crave!

I would do-IT! I’d-“neck” with-her, [although-I-know-it’s-unwise,]

But I just can’t resist – the pus! oozing out [of] her eyes!

And the cool, rotten smell – makes me feel SO WELL!

I-just-love-her-“dead-love!” She-hails from H – L L!

You-know, the more we met, the fresher** SHE got,

Until [Heaven forbid!] Her temperature grew HOT;

She started to smell – like a girl I once knew,

Way back in high school! and now she can do:

LAMAZE EXERCISES! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8B1oIcTh604


She had us – two daughters! and! a son;

Yeah! They’re-all-zombies, but we’re-still-havin’-a-lot-of-fun!

B. Betty! I LOVE BETTY! Let’s go: “beddy bye!”

I like “betty-bye-bye-time,” but last week She did DIE!

She’s the sister of the girl known as Annabel Lee,*

There’s a lot of death in that family, but I’m sure you would agree:

Those zombie girls are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, and, they might be ghouls,

But they enjoy coitus-uninterruptus forever after – because They’re bloody fools!

‘Cause, when it comes to bad lovin’, they simply can not stop,

And I notice after a while, these girls tend to POP!!!!

But it’s NOT-a-“bang”-that-goes-off! It’s-their-whole-dang-“frame!”

Their bodies (like) EXPLODE! Too much excitement (I guess) – is to blame!

C. Candy! Candy! She’s rottin’ – and she’ll rot,

My teeth, my flesh, my entire being – ’cause Candy’s SUPER hot!

When we enjoy each others’ com-pany, the sugar sweet of her,

Makes-me-moan-and-shake, and her hair-is-more-like-fur!

Than ordinary strands or locks! I like to rub it hard,


“Oh, Lover Boy, you’ve marred,

Another section of my body!” So, there’s less and less Candy to touch!!!!!!

Perhaps, before very long, I’ll be enjoying – NOT SO VERY MUCH,

CANDY! And! I’LL REALLY MISS HER, as-with-each-sweet-&-yummy-bite,

She’ll be absorbed into me! and I’ll be alone!!

Dreaming of HER!

Each SWEET! and-sour NIGHT! 🙁 – Candy! Wherefore art thou, Candy!

fin <3©

  • – with apologies to Edgar Allan Poe

** – I suggested she rename herself “FRESCA!” She said: “That’s stupid!” I said: “Thank you!” Then, she broke off a dangling finger and threw it at me! That’s her way of showing how much she loves me! (smile!) I AM the happiest zombie lover in the world! Yay!©🧟‍♂️



  • Three shiploads of Chinese real-estate investors steamed quietly out of Sydney after a brief spending spree, mostly in the Eastern Suburbs. Authorities defended their decision not to warn the public in advance, claiming the housing market needed a boost & the Treasury was still working out how to extend negative gearing privileges to foreign nationals.
  • Australia’s Federal Keystone Kops raided the homes & offices of various journalists looking for evidence of curiosity or ethics. Commissioner Bloater said (i) no Ministers had ordered the raids; (ii) if any Ministers had been involved, he wasn’t allowed to mention their names, and (iii) evidence of Australian Army atrocities in Afghanistan was too sensitive for the public to view. “We will decide what is and is not in the public interest,” the rotund walloper wheezed. “Journalists aren’t qualified. By the way,, who’s this Michaelia Cash you keep asking about? Who’s your employer, laddie?”
  • Homeland Tsar Lord Potato, who oversees matters of what is laughingly termed ‘national security’, denied any knowledge of the Gestapo-like raids, adding in an ominous voice that if people kept asking impertinent questions, he knew people who could find out where they lived.
  • Prime Minister Scrote Moronson, in Europe for a spot of D-Day nostalgia, said Federal police were a separate arm of government and the government had no idea what they got up to. The jovial leader distinguished himself in London by giving Queen Battenberg a remaindered book about an elderly racehorse & generally contriving to make Donald Trump look like a leader. The PM defended his absence so soon after an election, describing his jaunt as a fact-finding mission. “The Germans got a few things wrong, I’ll grant you that, after 1939, but by golly! they knew how to build good camps,” the devout leader exclaimed.
  • In Brisbane, Premier Anna Eyechart rushed through final checks to allow Adani to begin work on its massive coal mine. The embattled hack, widely tipped to lose the next election before proceeding to take up a well-paid sinecure in the banking or mining sectors, said the mega-mine would make Queensland a world leader in providing jobs for robots. “Our vision is for most of Queensland to be one gigantic smoking hole in the ground,” the Premier enthused. “We tried offering the whole state to the Nips as a 450,000-hole golf course, but the banks weren’t very supportive.”
  • Meanwhile, two iconic religious leaders had their day in court. Former footballer Israel Nutter claimed his habit of going on-line to threaten gays & anyone else who enjoyed sex with eternal damnation should not interfere with his right to make millions of dollars helping the Wallabies keep losing. Legal counsel for Cardinal George Groper told an appeals court it was a physical impossibility for his client to have committed the sexual offences he’d been convicted of, because he was in another place at the time and besides it didn’t count if you kept your eyes closed.
  • The Labor Party, stunned at having lost an election nobody thought they could lose, decided it was time to change the script, appointing a middle-aged white Catholic male with no formal qualifications in law or economics to take charge of things until the next leadership spill.

CHERISH 😉 SlEef first 😉

“CHERISH!” a poem Freya’s Day: June 7, 2019

If-you can’t be content HERE & NOW,You won’t be happy THERE – whenever! Some how,YOU MUST FIND CONTENTMENT – in “The Moment!”CHANGE FOR TO FIND HAPPY – will only bring tor-ment!IF you must enlarge your breasts – to feel as good as THAT LADY,You should look CLOSER! [She ain’t that happy,] and maybe,If you look away from what THEY SAY will sa-tis-fy,YOU MIGHT FIND: YOU HAVE – “A GREAT SLICE OF THE PIE!”Consider your life: “You’ve adapted IN MARVELOUS WAYS!”IF YOU CHANGE A PRETTY GOOD FORMULA, IT TENDS TO USHER IN:LOSING DAYS!CHERISH your life! Never say: “Deficient!”Say: “WONDERFUL!” and/or “FULFILLING:” Fully sufficient!For happiness and joy and the-things-you-say-you-want,Can be like joining another, new club: just-another changeable stunt,IF you think it will IMPROVE the life you do possess,For, the life you have is PERFECT, and it’s so good to confess:That you really don’t know (for sure) what’s better or worse!Sure, there’s no problem in buying a new purse,If the old one is worn and you can afford another,Or you might get one as a gift – from your boyfriend’s rich mother!!But – CHERISH YOUR BODY, YOUR PERSONALITY & YOUR VIEWS,And, in no time at all, Your Story – might make The Front Page News!!fin

Stand by me

Graham Dillion ~ child murder Australian News

Graham Dillon has been sentenced to 36 years behind bars for the brutal and cowardly murder of his 9 year old son Bradyn, we hope this helps you rest in peace Bradyn.

Last year Graham Stuart Dillon pleaded guilty to the 2016 murder of his 9 year old son Bradyn, he was also charged with a host of offences that were from separate incidents and included 2 other victims. The sentences for the crimes against little Bradyn will be served concurrently with the sentence for his murder, 36 years in prison.
The sentences handed down for the other crimes will be added to the 36 years, some being served consecutively and some concurrently.(see list below).

All together Dillon was sentenced to a maximum of 41 years and 1 month behind bars. Justice Burns stated- “This is a case where your plea of guilty should be reflected by the Court declining to impose an indeterminate life sentence, and instead imposing a determinate sentence. Of necessity, such a sentence must be very lengthy.
I set a non-parole period of 32 years commencing 15 February 2016 and expiring 14 February 2048.
– Justice Burns

A minimum of 32 years behind bars for brutally murdering his son after months of torture and brutal beatings. He should have been sentenced to life with no parole for the heinous crimes this man committed against his own flesh and blood.

However, we finally see a sentence that speaks to the horror of the crimes Dillon perpetrated on little Bradyn and others.
If you compare this sentence to the sentence of other child killers around the nation, like that of Matthew Ireland who murdered innocent 18 month old toddler Hemi Goodwin-Burke and received only 8 and a half years behind bars, it is indeed a sentence worth applauding.

The difference being Dillon was charged with Murder and the charge was not pleaded down to manslaughter. In little Hemi’s case and most cases we see, the charges were reduced to manslaughter despite the hours of drunken torturous beatings Hemi endured leaving no doubt what Ireland’s intentions were.
Murder is murder and murdering a child so brutally should never be pleaded down to manslaughter.
Hemi’s parents the awesome Shane and Kerri-Ann are still fighting the system to get justice for little Hemi years later.

We at FACAA hope this is the start of an attitude shift away from child killers being given light sentences, however we have also seen enough cases to know this sentence is the anomaly. If there is consistency when it comes to sentencing of child abusers and child killers it is the consistent feeling the family and loved ones have of being re-traumatised by the lack of justice found in our courtrooms.

Our thoughts are with the family and loved ones of both Bradyn and Hemi, we know there is no sentence long enough, that can take the pain away, or bring your babies back. However, we hope the knowledge that so many people truly care and are fighting to stop this from happening again, helps to ease the pain of having your precious, irreplaceable babies taken from you.


Graham Dillon last year pleaded guilty to his son’s killing, along with causing grievous bodily harm and several assault charges including choking and threatening to kill. The court heard Bradyn was abused in his north Canberra home for weeks leading up to his death, suffering more than 70 individual injuries on his body.

He was thrown against walls, burned with cigarettes and hit with a belt. On the day of the murder, Dillon had hit and kicked his son in the face, which is believed to have made an earlier injury bleed. The court heard the final beating was sparked over an accusation Bradyn had stolen lollies from his father.

Dillon did not call an ambulance as Bradyn lay unconscious for hours, but began searching the internet with questions including “what does it mean if someone is knock [sic] out how do u [sic] get them up”. Dillon also took photographs of shoes during that time, with the intention of selling them online, and researched their value on the internet.

Yes sadly you read that correctly, rather than rush his son to hospital Graham Dillon googled what does it mean if someone is knock out and how do u get them up, not exactly a substitute for medical care genius !

But his stupidity didn’t end there, once again when he should have been rushing his son to the hospital for life saving medical treatment, he Googles the value of shoes that he wishes to sell online. Great use of your time there you absolute pathetic moron !

During sentencing, Justice John Burns described Dillon’s “brutal process of torture” towards Bradyn as “cowardly and callous”.

“He was entitled to expect your protection and your love … you abused that relationship to inflict pain upon him,” Justice Burns said.

He said he was “not convinced [Dillon’s] plea of guilty indicated any remorse”.

Rather, Justice Burns found that in Dillon’s interview with police he attempted to minimise his responsibility and garner sympathy for himself.

“It is probable that you will only present a danger to others in the future,” Justice Burns said.

Dillon, who was sentenced for 11 charges, will not be eligible for parole for 32 years.

During the reading of the sentences Dillon remained emotionless throughout the proceedings. Of course he remained emotionless, he has no emotion because emotions are reserved for those with empathy and compassion, clearly Graham Dillon is devoid of both of those things. He is a total narcissist with an absolute inhuman level of self-absorption and self-centredness. This is demonstrated quite clearly by the fact he was able to take photos of and value shoes he wished to sell online while his son was badly injured, from a blow he delivered, in dire need of medical attention !

We at FACAA wish to applaud Justice Burns wholeheartedly, not only for his sentence but also for seeing straight through Graham Dillon’s pathetic attempt at minimising his responsibility and like all sick narcissists, paint himself as the victim and garner sympathy. What Graham Dillon called “remorse” Justice Burns saw through and saw it for what it really was, nothing more than an attempt to negate responsibility for his sick, brutal and cowardly actions. Well done Justice Burns our judicial system needs more like you in every state and territory !

Bradyn didn’t deserve any of the abuse he copped at the hands of his ”father”, the poor child was entirely innocent in all of this as all children are. His so called “father” (and I have hated using that word throughout this post) doesn’t deserve the title of father.

Rest in Peace Bradyn Dillon, we hope this sentence will help to bring you peace, as you are no doubt flying high with the angels little champion.

All 114 thousand plus FACAArmy will fight hard to ensure that you killer’s sentence becomes the standard sentence handed down to all those who would take a child’s life. We hope that knowledge brings you peace also.

Portions of this post were cut and pasted from Abc.net.au to preserve the integrity of the facts.

For those of you interested in seeing the full list of charges against Dillon they are printed below.

  1. SCC 186 of 2016
    Count / Sentence / Commencing and expiring
    1 – Murder 36 years 15 February 2016 to 14 February 2052
    2 – Recklessly inflict grievous bodily harm
    2 years 1 month 15 February 2016 to 14 March 2018
    3 – Intentionally inflict grievous bodily harm
    20 months 15 February 2016 to 14 October 2017
    4 – Assault occasioning actual bodily harm
    3 years 4 months 15 February 2016 to 14 June 2019
    5 – Choke 2 years 11 months 15 February 2016 to 14 January 2019
    6 – Threat to kill 12 months 15 February 2016 to 14 February 2017
    7 – Intentionally 20 months 15 February 2051 to 14 October 2052

inflict grievous bodily harm
8 – Intentionally inflict grievous bodily harm
5 years 5 months 15 March 2050 to 14 August 2055
9 – Recklessly inflict grievous bodily harm
4 years 2 months 15 June 2052 to 14 August 2056
10 – Choke 2 years 11 months 15 December 2053 to 14 November 2056
11 – Threat to kill 12 months 15 December 2055 to 14 December 2056

  1. SCC 195 of 2017
    Count / Sentence / Commencing and expiring
    7 – Act of Indecency 19 months 15 February 2054 to 14 September 2055
    5 – Assault occasioning actual bodily harm
    16 months 15 October 2054 to 14 February 2056
    4 – Recklessly inflict grievous bodily harm
    12 months 15 April 2055 to 14 April 2056
    3 – Threat to kill 12 months 15 July 2055 to 14 July 2056
    6 – Threat to kill 12 months 15 July 2055 to 14 July 2056
    1 – Negligent act causing grievous bodily harm
    15 months 15 October 2055 to 14 January 2057
    2 – Recklessly inflict grievous bodily harm
    12 months 15 March 2056 to 14 March 2057
  2. The aggregate sentence which I have imposed is therefore one of 41 years 1 month imprisonment commencing 15 February 2016 and expiring on 14 March 2057. I set a non-parole period of 32 years commencing 15 February 2016 and expiring 14 February 2048.

– Justice Burns

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