ย  Straight men – whats straight about men lol – some have Daddly long legs ๐Ÿฆต Some have kissing lips that drive you mad as hell.

LETTER TO MY HUSBAND Straight men share why they love having sex in public toilets 10.20 am โ€˜I was on the train with this girl Iโ€™d been on a date with. We were snogging in the toilet, with my hand up her dress, when the door opened. โ€˜A middle-aged man in a suit was standing […]



My HUSBAND is beautiful inside and out I bet he reads my blog (not really sure he does) My Mother told us kids a story long ago Oh, yeah we were rich kids Mother said โ€œif Our Dad had no money she would live on a riverbank with Dadโ€ Yes, I still remember those twinkling […]

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