Law of Attraction in Studies “Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive, because your words become your behaviors. Keep your behaviors positive, because your behaviors become your habits. Keep your habits positive, because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive, because your values become your destiny.” ~Gandhi

The universe is an amazing, powerful place, but is it really strong enough to bring you everything you desire? Can you really will yourself to get good grades without much effort?

Many people who believe in the universal law of attraction think that whatever you ask the universe for you receive. However, the law of attraction is a bit more complicated than “ask and you shall receive.”

The law of attraction is the idea that our thoughts are like magnets. If you want to attract positive things, you have to think positively. Negative thoughts bring undesirable results.

So basically, to get good grades using the law of attraction, you need to have a positive outlook in regards to school. You need to believe that you are an A-grade student — and act like one — and use the power behind your new positive thoughts to create a straightforward plan for success.

Banish Bad Thoughts, Feelings, and Fears
The first step to mastering the law of attraction and manifesting good grades is dismissing any and all negative thoughts, feelings, and concerns surrounding your education. You have to change your mindset and deal with whatever crap is holding you back. If you’re like the most people, you’re thinking, “I don’t have any bad thoughts, feelings or fears in regards to education.” You’re wrong.

“Last year, a study of more than 30,000 people revealed that harping on negative life events (particularly through rumination and self-blame) can be the prime predictor of some of today’s most common mental health problems. Results from the eye-opening U.K. study, the largest of its kind, indicated that it isn’t just what happens to us that matters, but how we think about it that shapes our psychological well-being.”

Everyone has crap they need to deal with floating around their subconscious mind. To reach your full potential and get good grades using the law of attraction, you have to uncover your mental blocks and erase them completely. The good news is, it isn’t as hard as it sounds and there are several ways to banish bad thoughts, feelings, and fears for good. It’s time to change your mindset.

Uncover Your Mental Blocks
The easiest way to reveal negative thoughts, feelings, or fears you have surrounding a particular part of your life is to complete a simple journal exercise.

Without putting a lot of thought into what you’re writing, create a list of your negative educational experiences and any thoughts associated with them. Start as far back as you can remember — sometimes small events in your childhood cause mental blocks in your adult life — and list any and all things negative in regards to your educational background and personal experiences.

Some things to consider while completing this exercise include: What embarrassed you? Were you picked on at school because you were different than other kids, didn’t own name-brand things, or stuttered your way through reading out loud in class? Have you ever had something embarrassing happen to you while giving an oral report What scares you? Are you afraid of being a failure? Are you afraid that people will think that you’re stupid if you don’t get good grades in college? Are you afraid of what your professors will think of you if you don’t pass a class?

What frustrates you about learning? Do you despise people who seem to get good grades effortlessly? Do you dread long nights of studying? Do you feel like your professors don’t understand you? Do you family and friends constantly criticize you about your dismal academic performance?

What makes you feel guilty? Were you a school bully? Did you steal a classmates milk money in second grade? Did you cheat on an exam in high school? Do you feel like you aren’t living up to your potential? Do you feel like you’re letting your family and friends down? When you finish this exercise, you might only have a few things on your list, or it may be five pages long. It’s okay. The number of items on your list doesn’t matter. What’s important is how you deal with the negativity you’ve uncovered.

Dealing with Your Crap
Psychology Today advises people to remove negative thoughts in one of seven different ways:
Learn to recognize thought distortions. That little voice in your head that’s saying “this exam is too hard” or “I’m not smart enough” is a good example of distorted thinking. In reality, those statements aren’t true, but your mind tries to trick you into believing them.
Challenge every negative thought by replacing it with a positive thought or affirmation. For example, if your subconscious mind is telling you that you can’t get good grades because your exams are too hard, you need to reply back saying, “No, my exam isn’t too hard. I can get good grades.”

Take a break from the negative by taking a few minutes for yourself any time you begin feeling overwhelmed or frustrated about your schoolwork. In five minutes, you can meditate or complete a series of deep breathing exercises to put your mind at ease.

Try your best not to judge yourself or others. Be consistently and consciously grateful. Keep a gratitude journal, and each night before bed write down three things you were grateful for that day.
Focus on your strengths. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Focusing on classes you do well in the majority of the time helps build up your confidence, making it easier to deal with more challenging subjects.
If you can’t get rid of your negative outlook on life by yourself, go to counseling. Another person’s point of view might help you to see your positive attributes more clearly.

Use Your New Mindset to Get Good Grades
Once you’ve cleared the negativity out of your world, it’s time to use the power of positive thinking to get good grades. If you’ve cleared all of your mindset blocks, you’ll feel pumped and excited about your new outlook on education. So if you don’t, repeat the process above until your mindset changes completely.

If you have changed your mindset, you’re probably wondering why you haven’t received your good grades. After all, mindset work is tough, so you might feel like the universe should have handed you results by now. These feelings are common, and often people stop believing in the law of attraction at this point.

Don’t give up yet though. Remember, the universe is powerful, but you still have to act like an A-grade student to be one. It’s time put the law of attraction into action.

Set Realistic Goals
You can’t be successful at anything without goals. So start by setting goals for yourself, but keep your goals realistic. If you are a student with a D average, you can’t expect to become an A-grade student overnight. Instead, set a goal to bring your D average up to a C average and work your way up to straight A’s.

Once you’ve set your goals, write them down — this part is important — and do it every single day. Quickly jotting down your goals every day keeps you focused on them. At the very least, you should be reading the goals you wrote down on a daily basis.

Create a Plan of Action
When you’re using the law of attraction to get good grades, your plan of action won’t look like every other student’s plan of action. Instead, you’ll work on a combination of studying and personal development. The personal growth work you do helps you maintain your new positive mindset, which gives you the energy and passion needed to get good grades.

Read one personal development book each week. It doesn’t have to be a book about mindset either. You may want to choose something related to the subjects you’re studying.

Keep a journal. Jotting down your negative feelings helps you clear them from your mind quickly, and writing out positive feelings boosts your mood. Exercise on a regular basis. Exercise increases endorphins, which make you happy. Practice visualizing your goals by creating a dream board that shows what life as a stellar student looks like — hang your dream board in your study area.

Set pop-up reminders on your phone filled with positive thoughts and quotes. You also need to create a study schedule to stay on track, but be careful not to make one that’s overwhelming. Make sure you schedule blocks of the day for breaks or just time for yourself. Also, make sure you’re getting enough sleep each night and eating healthy to keep your mind clear and maintain higher levels of energy.

What’s important to remember about the law of attraction is that all of your positive thinking won’t work unless you take action. If you want to get good grades in college, use the power behind your positive thoughts to fuel your passion, create a success plan that isn’t overwhelming, and follow your success plan daily.


Video: Stephen Hawking: Greed And Stupidity Are What Will End The Human Race – The Intellectualist

Physicist Stephen Hawking said pollution coupled with human greed and stupidity were the biggest threats to humanity.
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Don’t believe a word 😁

“FAMILIARITY BREEDS CONTENT!” a poem 1 June 2019 (Saturday)

I got me, I got me a favorit’-t-shirt, a-couple-holes ‘n-thread-worn,
But, if I ever lost it, I’m pretty sure I would probably whimper-&-mourn!

I got me, I got me the sweetest girl! for-sure, my friend for life,
But, O.M.G.-that-girl-can-b-t-h; she-keeps-sayin’: “Make-me-your-wife!”

I got me, I got me a-beat-up-old car; it’s a hundred-years-old, or-so,
But I just keep on a-driving it – 350,00-miles-already, don’t-you-know,
For, as long as it keeps on goin’, with repairs that aren’t too much,
I have no monthly payments – like-my-friends, who-pay-a-bunch,
Each month – for monthly payments, plus-their-cars-also-need-repair!
New cars, like old cars – can-sometimes-make-you-tear-your-hair,
OUT! So, it-might-be-good-to STAY-WITH-“IT,” whatever that IT may be!
IT-might-be-“old,” but-don’t-deserve-to-be-sold – just-like-my-ancient-TV!

I got me, I got me a fabulous wife! Remember my girl friend?
Well, SHE TRICKED ME! Got-herself-pregnant; so, we married “in the end!”
And-now: She’s a hundred times more b-t-h-y; she-yells-&-screams, ’til I CRY:
“Yes, my Love! Whatever-you-want; I’m-your sub-missive, but,
UNLIKE my-[frequently]-car-changing-friends, I’LL-STICK-VERY-CLOSE-TO-HER,
Because [The Moral]: Familiarity-for-me’s-comfortable!
Even-with-a blood-thirsty-cur! 🙂 – Yay! I’M USED TO IT! Woof!

fin <3


“ASCENSION* SUNDAY AND BEYOND!” a poem 2 June 2019 (Sunday!!)

Why are ye standing, with clouds in your eyes?

Your Lord, He hath risen, beyond all the lies!

The lies of This World, condemning Your Faith,

And, now, YE MUST WAIT! This! we shall say-eth:

Now, you-must-learn-PATIENCE! and strength to endure,

Your lives without HIM? In patience, be pure,

And wait your commission – to go – to all men!

Gather together! You need-never ask when!

For you will be prompted – and will know how to act:

THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES – will surely im-pact!

So, BE STILL – and wait for your glorious “prize,”**

The Lord! EVER AFTER, despite lying eyes!

fin <3

  • – In many ancient texts, “The Ascension of Jesus” is described. The term “ascension” is unknown before this event, so some scholars have taken collateral evidence to establish the reason for its emergence. Weeks after The Resurrection, friends met at “The Dome of The Moon,” anticipating Jesus’ departure! When He began to rise, observers shouted: “Attention! The Lord is leaving!” He was lifted into the clouds, and, since He wore loose clothing, everyone saw His backside! Many hid their eyes, afraid to see The Holy A – – ; Some were saying: “Attention,” and others? “O. M. G., His – – – !” Thus, the term ASSCENSION was taken from this “merging!” [One “s” was subsequently dropped!] A minority of scholars disagree, but this is the majority opinion, explaining how the term found such immediate and widespread use! Although unverified, there is also some reliable eavidence that the confection MoonPie, re-invented in Chattanooga, Tenn., in 1917, was also first served at the infamous “Dome of The Moon!”

** – This Sunday, Ascension Sunday, anticipates next Sunday, Pentacost Sunday!

Convicted sex offender Chris Irwin allegedly attempted to rape a 7 year old girl by tricking her into going into a house with him.

Convicted sex offender Chris Irwin allegedly attempted to rape a 7 year old girl by tricking her into going into a house with him.

This is why we MUST still teach stranger danger !

So by now we’ve all heard about the horror story coming out of Macquarie Fields in NSW. Christopher Irwin, 34 who is a convicted child sex offender allegedly tricked a 7 year old girl into following him into a vacant home.

From there he allegedly removed some of her clothes, while 2 boys from the neighbourhood ran to get the girl’s grandmother and with her, tried to kick the door in ! Meanwhile, Irwin on the other side of the door, allegedly told the girl to be quiet until her grandmother passed by and then he would let her go. The very courageous young girl did not remain quiet and the rest is history.

Irwin was charged with taking a child with intent to remove parental control, remaining in a building with intent to commit an indictable offence, and two charges of failing to comply with reporting obligations under the Child Protection (Offenders Registration) Act.

The first charge has a maximum penalty of 10 years’ imprisonment.

He was refused bail by magistrate Annette Sinclair, thankfully, so he will at least be behind bars until he faces Campbelltown local court again on Wednesday.

So this raises 2 massive issues here at FACAA.

Issue number 1- is this foolish idea that we have to stop teaching stranger danger because only 1 in 10 child abuse victims are abused by someone they don’t know.

Yes, this is absolutely true, however we still need to continue teaching it and arming our kids with the information they need to stop these pathetic cowards. 10% of victims is still a large number and if it saves only 1 child then it is worthwhile.

Do you want to be the one to tell this little girl that we shouldn’t be trying to stop what happened to her from happening to others, just because she is in the minority of victims? Of course not !

So please, by all means, as well as teaching your kids what to do if ANYONE touches them or makes them feel uncomfortable, grooming and body safety, family passwords, and people they can trust, let’s also continue to teach them about stranger danger alongside all the other body safety topics we teach.

Chris Irwin allegedly used the line “Want to see something cool” and then when she was telling her Grandmother about it later she said “He said he was going to show me something cool, but when I got here, there was nothing cool, he lied to me”

Yes little angel he did lie, because that’s what these sick monsters do…. they lie !

We need to teach kids about these lies !

Most common lies used by kidnappers, teach them to your kids.

“Mum/dad are sick they told you to come with me” usually done at school pick up teach them that no matter what you will never send anyone they don’t know to pick them up from school/sporting grounds !

“Can you help me find my puppy/kitten” . Teach kids to say “Sure I will go get mum/dad to help us and then run home.

“I have your favourite chocolate/lollies in here” Teach kids that no food is ever worth it.

“I’ll give you 500 V bucks if you agree to meet me” this one can be replaced by any online currency and as such we must teach kids that if anyone offers you anything you simply tell mum/dad, quickly and let them accept/decline the offer.

From our research which involved talking to police both local and online, these are the most common lies told by kidnappers.


Christopher Irwin was living with his girlfriend AND apparently HER CHILDREN when he allegedly committed this horrendous offence. You can be damn sure that she knew absolutely nothing about his previous conviction for accessing child exploitation material ! We know he lied about this because he lied about why he was being arrested !

Irwin told her that he was drunk and got into a fight with a stranger and because he won (naturally haha), he was being charged with assault.

Child abusers LIE! No one would let him near their children if they were aware of his past ! People need to be protected from lying child abusers because we all know they simply cannot be rehabilitated and it is only a matter of time before they strike again !

Just like Chris Irwin has allegedly done. He has allegedly graduated from accessing child exploitation material to seeking the real thing for himself !

We are just insanely thankful for the two boys who saved her !

If anyone knows this family or the two boys who saved her please let them know that I personally teach at KMA Martial arts in Liverpool and as part of the FACAA Phoenix program we would love to help her heal from the ordeal and offer the boys a fully sponsored martial arts package to reward them for their bravery !

We must keep teaching stranger danger and we must keep pushing for a convicted sex offenders register ! We simply cannot trust these monsters !

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Man, why are you uncomfoRtable to EXPOSURE ©

“EXPOSE!” a poem a.k.a.: “Man, Why Are You Uncomfortable?” June 2, 2019 [SUN.]

I’m in touch; I’m in touch! with all parts of ME,
For, I-can-tell what-res-o-nates na-tur-al-ly!!
I JUST KNOW, that-when-“something”-doesn’t-“resonate,” I need to with-draw,
For-that-situation-would-SURELY-be-WRONG-for-me! It’s a Spiritual Law!
A-Law-that-tells-me: “If-The-Body-Say: ‘THERE’S NO RESONATION HERE,’ “
I can just withdraw, and I shall not shed a [single] tear!

I’m free; I’m free! I got it ALL figured out!
I’m now “aware!”*** No-more-“button-pushing!’ I’m-beyond “The Pout!”
Whoopee! I’m SO excited! So, I think I’ll go to bed,
And I had a nice dream – a dream in my head!
In my dream, I met a fellow, a fellow named “[Z]ED!”
[The LAST of his kind? or-so it is said!]

ZED’s NEVER exposed!?! for He’s a part-of-me-which-is- undercover!
He might be my “twisted, transgender-sister!” or, maybe, my “brother,”
But his role is To-keep-me- from disco-vering-him!!!
By NON-RE-SO-NATION, if-I-get-close-to-his-“rim!”
For, if I get too close – to THE RIM OF HIS “JAR,”
I might look inside and say: “I see who you are!”

Zed’s-an-INTERESTING-piece – of an INFINITE PUZZLE,*
One-that-gets-still, if-YOU’RE-close! [For,] He-don’t-like-to-nuzzle,
So, He keeps me away from “things” that-might make-me AWARE?***
Like too many U. U. Meetings? or folks that sit and stare!
Or people who go to Poetry Groups? or nights-out for-karaoke,
You know, all those things that ZED says are “HOKEY!”
Because they make ZED uncomfortable – because,
It might just expose him AND what-he-does!

Which, coincidentally, is how The Ego “sings!”
Just remember: IF you ever want to identify ego-ic action,
Look to things concerned with HIDING – with careful, calculated – re-daction!**

fin <3

  • – called: The Mystery
    ** – Redaction means “censoring” or “obscuring” on purpose!
    *** – of WHAT? Well, that would be an interesting topic!


“FOLDEROL!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Cultural Attitudes!” 1 June 2019 (Saturday)

Acceptance! Acceptance! What on Earth does it mean?
For those on “A SPIRITUAL M[E]SSION,” I-think it’s kind-of “obscene,” But I don’t use that term – in a so-called “negative” way;
I’m just saying: “WHERE-YOU-ARE-AT – may-be quite OK!”**

And that includes ourselves – and where we might be bound!]

To be: “happy-where-you’re-at-and-for-whom-you-are” SEEMS a pretty good goal!
Enlightenment? and/or “spiritual prActices” I-think-can-“take-their-toll,”
When we set ourselves APART, as something unique,
BECAUSE W E ! “made it THERE!!” Aren’t-we-pretty-darn-“weak?”
Willful[l]? – and caught up-in-our-amazing-“po-sitions?”
And-haven’t-WE-convinced-OURSELVES – [that] we have PROFOUND missions!!
And we’ll use words [and phrases] like: “awareness!” and “spiritual advance ment,”
“Insight!” and “consciousness!” Doesn’t-that-all-sound-a-bit -“bent?”
But, once again – WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF [W]HU[O] – MA – N:
Pomposity seems INHERENT – and pride is a-boom- in’ –
But I think I respect: gays “spiritually advanced people” and so-called de-vi- [u]nts,
About as much as: jihad-ists evan-gel-icals crooked cops & politicians,
And-public-exhibitionists, exposing-p – – – ses – and c – – – s !
In other words, it REALLY appears we’re a bunch of nuts, who SOMETIMES get along,
And-on various “holy days,” kill each other! Why-don’t-we-call-life: “PING PONG!”

Unless you want to!!! [free will: L. O. L.!] I have a friend who has often sat,
On his keister, drinking some wonderful tea,
Saying: “There’re-consequences-here!! for-you-and-me!”
And I say: “I AGREE,” and we go to the next topic,
OR – I say: “Are you sure?” and-we’ll-get-REAL-“myopic,”
Because – part of the [W]HO[u] – ma – n EX – per -i[a]nce,
Is talking about such cr-p! It’s kind-of OUR-DANCE:
To chatter and talk – about “profound” and “obtuse,”
But I REALLY love talking-about: Suzie’s caboose!
For, I think talking about a good – – – – is-about as profound as we get!
To-me – it compares with SATORI, “social democracy” and “Surfing The ‘Net!”

>fin <3 * – meaning: incredibly FAR OUT!!! ** – Why not?

Mmmmm very interesting that 🤪😃