How many roads does a man travel BEFORE he can call himself a man ~ every one suffers but at the end of the day all you have and are in the final scenerio is how you handle advsersity

How many roads does a man travel to call himself a man ?

Thoughts of yesterday day this song above by these younger days in AUSTRALIA NOT VERY FAR FROM MY HOME resounded in my memory of of a time I knew a wonderful young man just starting to find his way. 

Why today


I heard something from that time of sadness in all our lives to remind us just how blessed we are to have savoured life at all.

Dess never had that privilege of growing up, having children to carry on the family name of goddess

One very ordinary SATURDAY NIGHT he sat in a corner strumming his guitar singing soft fully this song written long before the release by these young guys these Aussie BEE GEES living in Queensland.

As a tear runs down my face I still hear his voice without a care in the world

That night he never reached home he fell asleep behind the wheel of his car

Harry ( my brother ) and I survived because he insisted we must be taken home and yet he still needed to travel one hundred miles to his MUM AND DAD to milk the cows.

As the sun rose that fateful morning the Police arrived at our home with the news no one ever needs to be told Desi was killed he fell asleep behind the wheel of his brand new prized possession, his sports car, a present from his family for Christmas.

We never forgot that day of death reared itโ€™s ugly head , today I still feel a pain of of guilt terrible dark moments of dread about Christmas Day , โ€œget over it said outsiders โ€œ

Desi didnโ€™t ever have the opportunity of life. Breaks my heart, always will, but Iโ€™m not important in this true story

His Mum and DAD lived in hell, โ€œ no parent should ever burry their childโ€

Until you do burry a CHILD you never know what that price you shall live with.

Years later I know how DESIโ€™s MUM AND DAD felt like, shortly after they too passed away โ€œbrokenโ€

Cause I do I buried my son too many years later

As I listen to these fine young men up above, only one remains alive today in AMERICA ~ there were 4 boys grown up here in AUSTRALIA ~ Bee Gees our favourite Sons

Thank you sharing my moments with me today , kindness and gratitude to all, peace โ˜ฎ๏ธ always


Texas Cowboy ~ woman are my destiny

โ€œWHAT IS LOVE!โ€ a poem a.k.a.: โ€œWhen Forcing Love is Love Too And Loving To Destroy Love is Love Too And Any Love Is Good Love – And Can Destroy The World And Send Us Where Love Is Very Rarely Seen!โ€ 29 Nov 2018 (Thursday: Karaoke Night at Ole Crystal Bar, Alpine, Texas!)

LOVE? is caring SO MUCH – for her happiness,

And knowing that – without-sweet-balance – things can be-a-mess!

Without Fresh Air- and Sun-and-Water,

Our bodies donโ€™t function – as they ought-er;

Without some exercise – and a little food to eat,

Regularly! We, Iโ€™m-sure – can not greet,

A beautiful day! After weโ€™ve a peaceful, pleasant rest!

Love is – giving the other – always – yes, your best,

But realizing! IF your lover always wants – even more,

That โ€œover-lovingโ€ is-oftโ€™ to be a chore!

LOVE IS BEING FOCUSED (but not obsessed) with the object of your desire;

LOVE – is HELPING! Which-means: to โ€œfaithfullyโ€ inspire,

Your-lover – to-get-their-โ€œneedsโ€-fulfilled, like-the-water-food-and-air,

Knowing these things – might require – that you-can”t ALWAYS be-โ€œthere,โ€

ALL THE TIME – so LOVE is (sometimes) about, giving your lover space,

And NOT-being-upset – IF you can not always see the face,

Of YOUR LOVER – as much as you think you do require,

Because: over-forcing love – time-wise – can cause-even-TRUE-LOVE-to tire,


And SOFT – and โ€œloving,โ€ truly-and-truly, โ€œNo, I donโ€™t mind,

If we CANโ€™T be more and more intense,

For – I know – that the end of forcing love – well, it makes no sense!โ€

So! Easy-does-it! PLEASE! Read these lines – slow – and clear,

And JUST KNOW – I-LOVE-YOU-I-LOVE-YOU-I-LOVE-YOU, 100 (thousand) times,

My Dear!

fin <3

LOVE – CAN BE – a VICE!* At first? The pressure slight,

Then, tighter-and-tighter – โ€˜til we BREAK – because The Might,

Of an-unyielding-vice – can become SO intense!

True Loveโ€™s much more gentle – A VICE IT-AINโ€™T, for-whence,

Does True Love really come from? FROM FREEDOM & FROM EASE,

Of Heart & mind & soul & spirit – and Thank-you and Yes, please!

True Love, itโ€™s got no pressure – is like a flowing creek;

Itโ€™s clear and bubbly – happy and moderate – makes you laugh-and-take-a-peek,

At everything – through Eyes Of Love-to-inspire-you-to-pretend,

* – multiple meanings here!