“SO? WHY?” a poem 14 May 2019 [Tuesday]

So! Why’s-nature’s-so-happy? and-carefree-and-gay?

Just-watch-nature-move [& scurry & fly], WATCH NATURE PLAY!

Nature’s-playing-OUTSIDE, singing [chirping and meowing] their songs,

Out-in sunshine and fresh air! See how everyone belongs,

In this “interactive game,” dancing and prancing and jumping around,

And, even the birds spend a-lot-of- time on The Ground,

Scraping and digging and making – WEIRD SOUND,

With a-clever ex-uberance, they-all are pro-found,

Not thinking or worrying about-what-might-come-next,

Or typing or talking or tweeting a text,

Or “making mistakes” – or losing the keys,

Or wanting to bring the-other-critters-“to their knees!”

It’s-[just]-A-LIFE-OF-FROLIC, along-with some eating!

Yes-there’s-dying-and-fighting, but-it’s-a “cordial competing,”

For grudges aren’t held – in This Outdoor Realm!

If you want to be happy [ier] , GO HUG YOU AN ELM! 🙂 – Tree Friends Rock!

fin <3


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