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“VERANDA PLUS!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Balcony Of Love!” in The Series: “Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo!” May 10, 2019 (Friday)

“VERANDA PLUS!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Balcony Of Love!” in The Series: “Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo!” May 10, 2019 (Friday)

I-wished-for-a-nice-veranda, just like my mother had,
Which ex-tended out into The Night, a-treasure-for-mum-and-dad!
My-Dad spent time ad-mir-ing THE SPACIOUS STRUCTURE THERE!
The neighbors, they were jealous – as-we-breathed the sweet night air!

Our veranda, it extended – across the sides and front,
Of the glorious dream[s] we had! and many folks will hunt,
For-the-best veranda, which-they-can-find-around!
MY MOTHER’S LUXURIOUS VERANDA – was-the-best there-was in town!

Sadly, now, my mum is “passed,” yet I admire tra-dition,
So, I-have-sought to-have-a-most beau-ti-ful transition:
And so we’ve-a-fine-veranda – a large and open porch!
It’s all so glorious – and luxurious – AT NIGHT, WE HOLD A TORCH!

And-dear-old-Mr. Cuddly Poo is-enchanted-by-what-we’ve-made;
Many nights are spent there; in-the-day, it offers shade!
We’ve suc-culdent am-brosia, which-we-serve for you and me;
Our-veranda is “a feature” – that many WISH to see,
But-seldom (or-even EVER) do-“outsiders”-observe-our-“prize!”
Our BALCONY OF LOVE, we-call-it! It-is the perfect size!

fin. <3

P. S. [The Extra!] There’s-also-a-secret-platform, ‘neath-what-I-constructed-there!
It’s UNDERGROUND! dark-&-warm! Only-my-hubbie, will-HE-dare,
To venture DEEP! to-this-“secret-place” and-sleep-a-while, for I,
Have-placed-A-BED!-a-mound-for-his-head – and – a yummy, cherry pie!

SO! IF-he’s-feeling-ad-ventur-ous, my-Mr.-Cuddly-Poo,
Having sipped ambrosia-with-me – and-needing-“a-little-extra”-to-do,
He-can-go-down-to-The-Cellar – and-hide-right-there! Yeah! – BUT!!!
I-have-a-secret-camera!! So-I’m-observing “my honey nut!”

And! as-He-dozes, I-will-speak! on-a-spooky, sound device:
“Oh, CUDDLES? Mr. Cuddly Poo! Are you feeling nice?
Hiding-DOWN-THERE, feeling safe? It’s-so-soft-and-wet!” I’ve said,
For,a-water-bed, I’ve modified, AND – IF he lifts his head,


By Kindness

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