Letter To My Husband

Somewhere in time 👒 LETTER TO MY HUSBAND

You are ~

My always & forever

My happy ever after

My soulmate

My best friend

My laughter

My dream come true

My only one

My shoulder to lean on

My heart to melt into

My husband

My everything

  • Letter to my Husband
    As a perfume doth remain In the folds where it hath lain, So the thought of you, remaining Deeply folded in my brain, Will not leave me; all things leave me –You remain. Other thoughts may come and go, Other moments I may know That shall waft me, in their going, As a breath blown […]
  • Sweetest Love of all ~ Letter to my husband
    I fell in love with you because of things you never knew you were doing as I watched you writing behind your computer screen typing sweet words of wisdom. I kissed your fingers a million times in my fantasies of longing for you to noticed me I could talk to hundreds of people a day […]
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  • Letter to my Husband ~ I want your Sex
    You and I met in the most peculiar place one night And it just clicked In the most esoteric way A mouth of white chocolate melted in my mouth 👅dripping down my breasts I was mesmerised by that mouth I now so well now Those mesmerizing black eyes cut me to pieces Taking my eyes […]
  • Letter To My Husband ~
    They came to tell your faults to me, They named them over one by one; I laughed aloud when they were done, I knew them all so well before, — Oh, they were blind, too blind to see Your faults had made me love you more Advertisements