“SHALL WE GO FOR A RIDE?” a poem a.k.a.: “J. B.!” May 6, 2019 (A’s B-day!)

It might be fun (pause) [you-know!] REAL FUN!
If we-went for-“a-ride,” and-I-could-be-your-“Hon!”
I-could-call-you: “Daddy!” or “Mommy!” or PAL;
I just LOoooooooVE “rid-ing!” (pause) I’m THAT kind of gal!

Please! Please! Let’s-go! I’m SO excited;
I’m-glad [that] with-YOU – I-have-confided,
MY NEED – for “a ride,” to “The Other Side!”
Let’s-go-for-our-ride! I’m-young! (pause) but WIDE!

Let’s go! Let’s go! Oh! Wait! Come-meet-my-“pop!”
He’s The Sheriff ’round here! Yes, he’s a REAL cop,
And I’m his PRIDE AND JOY, just looking for a boy,
Or-a-girl [that] I-can-ride-with! Please, please, be my TOY!

I’m “Papa’s Pink, Pink Rose Blossom;” see-the-covers-on-my-bed?
He-got-me-these, and when-I-sleep, they’re-next-a-to-my-head!
Do you think-a-that I have his EYES? (pause) Don’t-they-sort-a look en-trap-ping!
Come-on-now, let’s DO OUR RIDE! I’m-teasing, and I’m-tapping!

I’m tapping at your Chamber Door; I really can not wait!
“The Boys” down at “the station,” say that I AM “Jail Bait!”
Well, I don’t know what THAT IS! Pop says I’m na-ive!
Can-we-go-for-our-ride NOW? I REALLY want to leave!

Just know that IF I get upset, that would REA-LL-Y be a shame; (pause)
I’d probably have to find me some-body TO BLAME!
Hey, where are you going? You haven’t met my pop!
Wait, wait, wait, wait wait, wait, wait! Don’t-you-wanna see-“my-top?” πŸ™‚ – Whoa!


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