“PROPOGANDA!” a poem i.e.: “The Hex of Ages!” 6 May 2019 (Monday) “Doing-what-comes-naturally!”-or-“Doing-Something-Bad!” Everyone-[must]-decide!? IF society needs more warm bodies, They-want-“NATURALLY” to abide, And government officials will-agree-with-church-friends on “The Sermon of The Day:” Go Forth, People! and Procreate! This, The Good Lord doth say!” And/Or – GO TO WAR, for it is HOLY – to get some gas for our cars! “There MUST be fences,” say-eth-The-Lord, and “There-must-also be BARS, To keep ‘bad folks’ in, who tend to misbehave, Like, for instance, taking drugs!” [On this, I-tend-to-rave!] BUT, “taking drugs that are LEGALIZED, Is VERY GOOD!” says The Lord of The Flies! PROPOGANDA = Right! and Wrong! It-is The Government’s (pause) “heralding song!” It means that The Church – and The Medical Community too, And Big Prison Business – can manipulate YOU! What do “sheep” do, when they hear such stuff? They go watch TV – on their “cellular-phone-hand-cuff!” “We don’t need prisons for most! We-got-’em-‘by-the-balls,’ Watchin’-FOOTballs, golf balls, basketballs! and, yeah, dolls: We got ’em so crazy – and mixed up with s – x, WE CAN JUST SIT-AND-RELAX – AND-APPRECIATE THE HEX!” fin <3

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