“NO ONE KNOWS WHAT IT’S LIKE!” a poem May 12, 2019 (Sunday)

“NO ONE KNOWS WHAT IT’S LIKE!” a poem May 12, 2019 (Sunday)

sung to: “Behind Blue Eyes” by the rock group “The Who!”

No one – wants – to Res-pect A WISE MAN! A middle-aged wise man – – –
When he starts to cry!
OR a – Democrat!! (pause) (pause)

at – a-Pres – – i dential Convention for Republicans –
[when-he-eats] Eating apple pie!

Well – I thi – – – nk We need more tolerance –
Mo -o-o-re Tolerance – for Democratic Wise Guys

and IF we – – – e e – -e — CAN Give ’em more Tolerance –
All their tears – Will su-u-u-rely DRY!

No one respects A-lapsed-Jew, In The Ghetto,
Whose-name’s Gep-pet-to With his wooden boy!
& – no-one accepts – A Big Dog – with a bon-er
He’s always a loner Eating Apple Pie!

I think Apple Pie -is yummy The-e- kind my ma-ma coo-ooked for me!
It di-ges-ted well in my tummy – – – with whipped c ream – so na-atu-rally!

No one wants to re-spect – no wise man,
Who has no plan, Hanging on A TRee!
So, cut him down (with a frown) from that cross, son
And-then you better run – from The Tri-nity!

Well, I think-we- respect power -money and bru-u-tality –
And, IF we can’t see -a change soo-oon – Well, this World will BE- his-tory!

fin <3


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