“LIFE!” a poem a.k.a.: “Handy Tips On How To Behave At The Death Of The World!” 2 May 2019 [Thursday]๐Ÿ˜

“LIFE!” a poem a.k.a.: “Handy Tips On How To Behave At The Death Of The World!” 2 May 2019 [Thursday]

We’re ALL DEAD-there’s-no-life-here! What-cha-think-o’-that?
And-does-it-matter-anyway? ILLUSION’s-always-ready-for-a-chat!

It’s AMAZING – how animation can pass for something living,
And-how-what-seems-like-energy can animate without giving,
US any certainty of anything! Yet, what-do-expect-“the-dead”-to-know!
Cellular blobs? sliming around! with-no-idea-how-they-go!

So, go-into The Night, and-find a big, yellow sphere,
Seeming to shine-with-light? Shining-around-here!

We measure? We think? We play and-speculate,
And-we’ve-no-idea-what-this-is except-“God”-on-a-date!
A date with ITSELF! Let’s-take-guesses-all-day,
Believing-we’re-SOMETHING! So-we-so love to pray!

Let’s-pray-to-“another:” Who’s-invisible, sitting-in-other-planes!
We want-to believe we’re here somewhere – and-that we’ve-got-some-brains,
To provide movement and order, convincing us we’re not insane,
As we stroll down some avenue, we-call “Memory Lane!”

Our sanity is determined – by any model we like!
Dead-people-can’t-be-“choosers;” here, pass me “the mike,”
And-I’ll-sing: “We’re-in-This-Together!” Together! and-we,
Have GOOD REASON to hope – for-an E- turn – ity!

Smile, lifeless being – and [imagine] do[ing] lots of things,
With a sad, silly confidence – instilled-by-False-Kings!
And, remember: You-don’t-have-to-smell-like-it, even-though-you’re-dead; (pause)
Just-be-sure-and-wash-your-feet- privates, armpits-and-your-head!

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Thought for the day,

Looking through a glass case

Pondering life

Scratching their heads

Or head

My thoughts on the picture below is a reminder

” reality is perhaps I dont give a rats Ass (et) ๐Ÿค—Interesting stuff that isn’t it folks ๐Ÿ˜