“LADIES, DON’T TOLERATE A LOSER!” a poem May 26, 2019 (Sunday)

Girls, if-HE don’t-jump-high-as-you-like, why-not-drop-the-man?
Head overseas – for-a-Zen-Master! Maybe, one-in-Japan!
One who-can levitate! and-do-it-for-you!
A “real-man,” a-Zen-man! Poo-poo-pee-doo (doo)!

“No,” you conclude; I find none in Osaka;
I’d probably do better – if-I had me Chewbacca!
He might not jump high, but he’s hairy and cuddles,
But-I-find-he’s-not-for-me, ’cause he leaves little puddles!

And I-won’t stoop to-clean – any man’s mess;
I’ll look on other planets! Perhaps, Mars, I guess!
I’ll-get-me-a-winning-Martian; he jumps-high-as-I-need,
BUT, he’s-got-these-antennae and-with-green-skin, he-won’t-bleed!*

I know! [I’ll-seek] on-other planets and systems and dimensions!

His-name-was: “The Mystical Poet!” (pause) He jumps – all the time,
And he writes ro-mantic and sensual rhyme!
Yeah, I found me “The-One!” [I] knew I would, if I waited!
Then (POOF!) “Where’s-he-now? Oh-my-gosh! In-car-nated,
Inside of ME!” Now, we are one!
I-dunno! I-dunno! If-this-is-such-fun! πŸ™‚ – Gotta watch what you wish for!

Perhaps, if-you-want-a-jumper – to-jump through all your hoops,
You might lower unrealistic standards; SHE CONQUERS-WHEN-SHE-STOOPS!
So many, looking-for-so-much –
In all the wrong places – and so out of touch,
With just accepting their-lives’-apparent-flaws!
Let go of your on-going-competition! Please trim your claws!

fin <3

  • – Every gal needs a guy who will bleed for her! Doesn’t she?
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Published by J Jay Samuel Davis

A West Texas Cowboy, seeking "fishers of (wo)men!"