Jesus Message.
My dearest family, I call upon you to love each other as if you were loving me. Sometimes you may have a problem with someone, I ask you to keep loving them because I do and we are family. you need not communicate or be with them but know Love is what holds us together and creates Life , for that is where I am. If you wish to share with a partner be that a wife or husband under my eyes and see yourselves as one , know it becomes the complete you. Never have a partner just so you can have a sexual experience, for this beautiful gift is not for your gratification only but it is for your partners wonder and joy for it places you in oneness and truly binds you as it did Adam and Eve and my love flowed through you as a gift of life and gave new life in many ways, including new born bathed in love. Think of love each day which covers life itself, a persons name . the beauty of all your creations including sharing the creation I have offered you. The day comes when you will feel the fullness of only total beautification of life. I will seek you all with rivers of joyful tears and clouds drawing you into colors of great beauty.

O loving Jesus , my love, my life, my connection of love to all you hold holy. Blessed by you being with me and all others I share your messages with.. Amen <3 <3 <3 your messenger ,Luke. <3


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