J Jay Samuel Davis

“IMBALANCING THE BALANCE!” a poem May 4, 2019 (Saturday)

Is there PERFECT BALANCE? Well, maybe for ONE TICK,
But-then-you’re-on-THE-OTHER-SIDE of-The-Pendulum’s-schtick!

Let’s say: “When you are BALANCED, your ‘[h][a]um’s’ DIVINE!”
Let’s say: “When you’re NOT SPINNING ONE-POINTEDLY, you don’t feel fine!”

If you’re moving,* the closer to CENTER [that] you are,
The more adequate you’ll FEEL! and, when you’re far,
From the balance of The Blessed Still Center,
And you feel AWFUL! OK, now let’s enter:
The Community of Medical, Specialized Folk,
Who calibrate “back to the center,” but it’s really-more-like-a-joke!

There’s-this-speculation, based on “voodoo teachings;”
Will you go? and-listen to-their-learned-preachings:
And, odds are – you’ll head-back-to-The-Middle, but, without any warning,
You’ll-OVERSHOOT-THE-CENTER , pretty darn quick;
You’ll feel better (for a time); then, you’ll feel sick,
Because-you’ll-be on-the-other-side of-life’s-“blessed-swing,”
Feeling-terrible-again, and-the-doctor-will-bring,
ANOTHER “PRESCRIPTION,” to send you [swinging] BACK again!
“Gosh!” you’ll say; “in THIS PLACE [before], haven’t I been?”

Manipulation! interacting -with-so-much excellent guess-work,
By well-meaning doctors, led by ONE [all-consuming] jerk,
Whose name is ABRAXAS,** a “medical?” “ruler,”
Who LOVES pain and suffering – and RELIEF! What a “fool-er!”

“Abraxas – demands taxes! from ALL [of] His subjects;
You-give: hope-pain-&-suffering, while-He’s-chokin’-ya-necks!”*** The Mystic Poet – and arguably aren’t we all?
** – Abraxas: a name composed of Greek letters, often found on charms, used by ancient “seers!” It has been suggested that the name belongs to the deity from whom all Divine Emanations come! [What this means, I have no idea, but is DOES sound spooky!] 🙂
*** – and pocketbooks!

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