“IT’S CALLED!” a poem – for: May 5, 2019 (Apology Sunday!) a.k.a.: “Human Soup!” Posted: May 6th! I AM – Totally sure! and Anxious-and-Afraid! I AM – Destined(?) for-H – L L – yet, “Heavenly-Made!” I AM – Devout! AND-yet, filled with sin!! I AM – guided-by-angels, although-I-let-demons-in! I AM – JUST PERFECT! and-REALLY-flawed! I AM – HUMAN! I-think-that’s-what-it’s-called! I may be A MESS, yet u some angels wish, To-be-“in-my-shoes,” since, stuck-in-“the mesh,” Of -“my-fishing-net”-are such glorious fish (pause) But, also-lots-of-“poisonous-eels!” Anyway! Let’s-have-a-dish, of HUMAN SOUP! It’s got-it-all! The Lord “serves” IT any way, with a side-order-of-gall! IT’S CALLED: “Being Human!” Not much of a boast! So, let’s be a little humble – and thank The Holy Ghost?

fin <3


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