“FEELING THREATENED IS BOTH INSTINCTUAL & LEARNED!” poem(s) “What God Hath Called Clean, Let Not Thou Call Common!” 20 May 2019 [Monday]

“What God Hath Called Clean, Let Not Thou Call Common!” 20 May 2019 [Monday]
Written at Church Sunday [yesterday]! The sermon was based on that passage in Acts 10:11, when the apostle Peter [often a hard headed fellow like the lesser known disciple Jack] had a vision of a vessel descending upon him, “as it had been a great sheet, knit at the 4 corners!” This sheet, being lowered from Heaven, was full of animals, both ritually clean and unclean! A voice then commanded Peter to “kill and eat,” but, since the sheet included “unclean” animals & Peter was a devout Jew, Peter did not rise to the occasion!

My girlfriend’s name is “Threatened,” for she-feels-threatened – by-“unclean ones;”
Ones-who-aren’t-Christian [like-Her] are “weird,” as-are Sea-Monsters and The-Huns!
Yet, shouldn’t-She-accept-them-all-as-Blessed-Children, lov-ed by The-Lord?
Just-as-“GOD” loves all-“good”-Christians?* I’m sure we-can’t-afford,
To disregard or disrespect “THEM;” please-have hu-mi-li-ty,
Realizing – ALL are “clean” (pause) within-“Cosmic-Unity!”
We’re-only-“whole,” with-ma-ny-parts, and some parts feel “The Threat,”
From “sup-pressed”-parts, unique and brash! Perhaps, “The Heart” might let,
Us-find-ac-ceptance and-true-love, WHERE-“A-GA-PE LOVE” RE-SIDES!**
TRUE LOVE loves “friends” AND “enemies!” In-The-Heart there-ARE NO-SIDES!
No bar-riers! or-restrictions! There-we-have-only LOVING-CARE,
For-The-Heart has “Heavenly-Forgiveness!” THERE ARE NO-THREATS TO BEAR!
Yet, I LOVE FEELING THREATENED! for-she’s-my-loving-mate!
I’ll feel HER! Yes! For-ever-more; feeling-Threatened – is-just SO-great! πŸ™‚ – Yeah!

fin <3

A Supplementary Poem: “I Try To Feel Threatened As Much As She’ll Let Me!”
I like to feel Threatened, all-over-the-place! – – – I-love-her-hair, her skin & her-face! – – – When-we’re-together, it’s-called: “being threat-en[e]d!” – – – In younger days, there-were-others- I’d-at-tend! – – – Thus, in my youth, I never felt much dread! – – – But those days are gone; they’re all but dead! – – – For, when-you-find-“The-One,” she’s-the-only-one-to-feel! – – – I count myself lucky, so-at-Love’s-Altar I-kneel, – – – Praying for her touch, her kiss and her song, – – – If I don’t feel Threatened, I’m-not-really-getting-along, – – – Too well! For I-know I-need at least 12 hugs per day,*** – – – I’d like to feel Threatened-a-lot-more-than-that, I say! – – – I’m “immediately threatened,” if she grabs me from behind, – – – Sometimes she’ll “jump-my-bones” and-yell: “I-hope-you-don’t-mind . . . – – – If I smother you with love – and whisper in your ear, – – – That I’m not letting go, for at-least-a-full-year! – – – Threatened!-What-a-way-to-live; what-a-way to go! – – – Now-you-know-why-I-feel-Threatened; I should-probably-feel-terrified, I know!

* – Agape Love: The highest form of love (?), originating from God or Christ!
** – That’s what experts on The Internet say, and, if it’s on The Internet, well . . .
*** – There is a lot of difference between a good Christian and a bad Christian . . .