“FATE INCOGNITO!” a poem May 26, 2019 (Sunday)

“FATE INCOGNITO!” a poem May 26, 2019 (Sunday)

For-a-little-while, each 100 years, The Goddess doth appear,
To serve mixed drinks, a few hors doeuvres and a-quality-glass-o’-beer,
Unto the patrons in-Pur-ga-tory’s “Cent-ur-ary Club,”
Where people hang out who have names like Jeff-‘ry and like Bub!
Here-She-carefully ob-serves (pause) the-wiles-of-gals-and-men,
For she has come back, as she does, comes back once again,
To establish that humanity is [still] quite wretched-and-sad,
But The Goddess never judges such-things-as-being-“bad!”

Here, The Goddess quite enjoys serving up the drinks,
And laughing! and bouncing! as-everybody-thinks,
“Who is this waitress, whom we see? This SERVER OF OUR SOULS?
She seems so at home, doesn’t she?” Of course, she quite controls,
The Bar – The Restaurant – and – the-many haunted rooms,
That-are-so-filled with the spirits of sots and of baffoons,
Who sleepeth com-for-tably; as they’re just waiting there,
To determine – if’n Hell or-Heaven will be their lair!

All are oblivious, seemingly, to-Fate, but drawn unto Her charms!
Longing, ever longing – to be caught up in Her arms,
And to cry for all eternity – in to The-Night!
If they knew just where they were, t’would be-for-them quite the fright!
But! Take hope, oh, “Ye of Little,” for angels come [here] to insure,
That The Goddess, known as Fate, will-play-fair-and-not-lure,
The Unsuspecting Patrons – to Hell’s Gate – without cause,
For “entrapment” is not sanctioned! Even-here, there-are strict-laws!

For-instance, being drawn to BEAUTY, is never thought a crime,
And it’s good to “top” your drink, with a cherry (pause) or-a-lime!
For loving relations in-a-loving-bed – are never deemed illegal,
Especially with Fate, [especially Fate] A Goddess, Oh, so regal!
As I write this I fairly cry, for even Fate don’t know,
Where She really comes from – or where She might-then-go!
I can only say: “I’ve seen Her, in her fine disguise,
And-I-told-Her-a-little-joke! She-laughed – and rolled-Her-eyes,

And, as She walks among these men, She keeps her profile low,
Or-someone-like-me-will-surely-guess – who-She-is, don’t-you-know!

fin <3


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