“FALSE [RE]PRESENTATION!” a poem, a.k.a.: “The Free!” May 15, 2019 [Wed]

“This APP is FREE!” “Down-load-FREE-tunes!”
We’ve-“FREE-CON-sultations!” on-all-your-“free-pho[o]nes!”

When I was little, my-friend took me aside,
And-said: “Nothing’s-free, but-they’ll-sometimes-try-to-hide,
Where-The-Cost-lies! Look-in-the-fine-print;
Plus, in-THE-‘back-alley,’ you’ll-always notice-a-‘glint,’
In The Salesman’s-eye! His-pitch-goes-like-this:
‘We-offer-free-service,’ ” but not-free it-is!

It’s-a-“tried-and-true-strategy:” Get you hooked; get you IN!
“Free samples! Free samples! Then, suddenly you’ve-been,
Made! quite-dependant upon some design,
And, now, you’ll-surely-pay! At-first, most-[people]-just-whine!

People-are-generally-comfortable – with-a-set-S. O. P.!*
They-don ‘ t-want-to-change(?) So, of course, they will agree,
To pay the full charges – for the fix that they want:
For-the-FREE-APP – or “Sample” pills! “THE FREE!” a-time-honored-stunt!

“Let’s give what seems FREE; then-announce: AN UP-DATE!”
Then, you can pay ’em – for-their-NEW-GOING-RATE!
And-if-you-don’t all-your-PAYING-neighbors’ll-cry: “BARE BONES!
Why haven’t you UPDATED? to the latest new phones?”

“And-appliances?! clothing styles?! and – NEW-medical-procedural-CARE?!”
It may take all your money, but LOOK!? We’ve-still-got-free-air[?]
And FREEDOM OF RELIGION – IF-you-pay-tithes-offerings-and/or-dues,
And FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT! IF you’re not drinking booze!
There’s-also FREEDOM OF CHOICE, although-“The-Party”-you-choose,
Better-be-THE-RIGHT-ONE! or, Honey, you’re-gonna-lose!

This World is amazing, and IT-used-to be called MAYA,
Which means simply “Illusion!” I think I WON’T buy-a –
The notion of FREE, and, “when push comes to shove,”
THEY-can-SHOVE-their-cells, apps-and-services BELOW! NOT above!
When The People pout, remarking: “Minimalist!” I’ll-smile-&-I’ll-say:
“NOTHING’S FOR FREE! Around-here, you-must-pay!”
fin <3

  • – standard operating procedure, i.e.: what you are used to!
    P. S. : And, when I go off to church – and hear: “BUT SALVATION’S FREE!”
    I’ll-know-they-have-NO-IDEA-what-they’re-talking-about, and I’ll “LET IT BE!”