“DANG LUCKY!” a poem, a.k.a.: “IF You Ask Me, Things Be Pretty Reasonable, OK?” a.k.a.: “In Search Of Happy, Lucky Sunshine People, Dang It!” May 11, 2019 [Saturday]

LUCKY! (I-tell-ya!) I-just-dang-lucky-t’-get-up-in-the-morn[ing], an’-I-ain’t-tryin’!


IT-JUST-HAPPENS! Up!-I-git, right-up! [It] makes-me-feel a-lot-like-cryin’, (pause)

Knowing how lucky I AM – and-that-The-Sun-be-shining!

And, at about 7-or-8 A. M. in the morning – I’M UP! &-within-an-hour, I’m-even-dining,

On-eggs-&-toast, and-IF-I’m-lucky (which-I-am) SAUSAGE! or-BACON!
That’s-what-I-git-t’-have-for-break-y-in-The-Morning; that’s-what-I-be-makin’!

Don’t-ask-me-WHY, even-if-I-know-[now]! WHY? because I’m-lucky-Dang-IT,
&-I’m-feelin’, after I feed the birds & cats outside The Little House, more-than-a-bit,

LUCKY, I-tell-you: “SOMEONE-up ‘THERE’ ” must, I guess, LIKE ME,
For-I-have-many-fine-friends and-activities-to-participate-in (pause) for-tu-nate – LY!

Perhaps-there’s-a-decree, that my life be, a-charming-array of-FORTUNATE-EVENTS,
Because [for-one-thing] the-car-I-drive-at-a-reasonable-rate-of-speed, stopping-completely-at-ALL-“stop” signs, has no major dents;
IT’S (that’s-right) almost-dentless (pause) and-also almost-reasonably-clean,
And my body has reasonable health, and-I’m pretty dang happy by most standards and my mind is pretty serene! 🙂 – Wow! That’s something! Anything else?

Yes! I have a 3-point I.Q.! ONE for me, ONE for you and ONE – for a friend,
And I guess this is a pretty dang good place for my little dang lucky po’m to-fin’lly-end! :) - Yeah! Dang-IT!!!

fin <3


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