It’s known as “roachaphobia” in Belize – and Brazil!
It is NOT considered a pleasant thing – and girls do NOT thrill,
With the idea – of a cockroach! You-know! about: “yay big,”
Which might scurry up her yoo-hoo! Then, how-ya-gonna-dig,
That lightening quick, shy, shelled bug, From your screaming wife, when it’ll hug,
The smooth, wet walls, very tight, Sipping sweet nectar (perhaps) throughout the night!
We’re talking: AMBROSIA! It would be! to those roachy lips,
[As my wife was screaming there, with full and shaking hips,
Pleading with me – to do something! Just anything at all,
To rid her of the cockroach! who-had-c[u]me-to-make-a-[house]-call!]

SUDDENLY, though! a smile stretched-out, curving her-succulent-mouth,
And she started JUST-“coo”ing! Cooing-&-oo-ing, &-stroking-herself-“down south!”
“Oh, my!” said she; “this isn’t half bad!!”
And there-I-was, The-Witness! getting-REALLY-MAD!
That’s right! I-WAS-JEALOUS! Jealous as I could be!
I yelled “up there,” “Get OUT! You lout! Leave my wife to me!
I-wanna-be-THE-ONE -to please her – and be her One & Only!”
And the roach inside, he simply said (and he didn’t sound very lonely:)
“If you-had-been ‘doing-your-job,’ my way would have been blocked,
But, as it is my jealous friend, OUR-passion shall-not be-KNOCKED,
For who really knows what a wife will prefer, after-I’ve-nuzzled-her-‘sugar-shack;’
There’s a saying in my land:

So, in jealous rage, I USED THE DOUCHE,
And sprayed it up – her fine caboose!
She squealed! as “roachie” was flushed outside,
And I took him for an auto ride!
NOW, we’re friends – and-he-gives-me lots-of-great-“tips,”
On-keepin’-her-satisfied! like-[with]-scurrying-techniques-on-her-vaginal-lips!**
And now when we make – such Sweet Romance,
We often do something –
Called:-“The Roach’s Dance!” πŸ™‚ – What a disgusting, jealous creature you are!

fin <3

* – Subterranean!
** – The roach & I have a company, selling tapes about effective, preciously unknown techniques for stimulation of the female genitalia. Text me if you’re interested! Thanks!


Published by J Jay Samuel Davis

A West Texas Cowboy, seeking "fishers of (wo)men!"

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