Collective insanity

“Collective Insanity!” a poem 11 May 2019 (Saturday)

Is-there-really-[any]-REAL-MEANING [that]-we’re-“leaning toward?”
Or, isn’t-this-mostly, [about]-finding-SOMETHING so-we-don’t-get-[too]-bored?
Because we’re-mostly-seeking-BETTER! or-MORE! or, maybe, “wetter!”
BELIEVING-THINGS!! like: “Things-that-look-wetter are better!?”

LIFE! may-not-be-terribly (if-at-all) “profound,”
Especially – when-we-constantly seem-to-be-BOUND,
TO-always-run-into-“obstacles” as-to-what-we-desire!
And we’re-told-to-be-content with-a-designated “[Shepherd] Squire,”
Who has a happy – and-somewhat kind demeanor,
But-just-seems-to-[like-to]-“herd”-us! What-could-be-meaner!?

Well, what’s-truly-mean may-be convincing-us-[that]-this-HERDING’s * “In Our Best,
Interest!” and/or-that-a shepherd’s-really-needed! It-COULD-be-a-“test,”
You-know, a-sort-of MANIPULATIVE PLOY,
To-keep donkey head’s** – on-each girl and boy?

Pinocchio! Pinocchio! With Him, we’ll cry and sing,
Hoping-for-A-Blue-Fairy to come! With Her, She’ll bring,
Her-lovely-comrade “The Shepherd King!”
And, together, they’ll help you be-a-“perfect”-“ding-a-ling!”

Is there any relief – from this eternally, on-going ruse?
Well, of course there is! – IF you drink enough booze,
Or-if-you-just-force-yourself – to-“kiss The Ring” of-The-Powers-That-Be!
I think there’s probably no escape from OUR COLLECTIVE INSANITY!

fin <3

  • – or HURTing!
    ** – in one version of the “Pinocchio” story, boys flock to a carnival (“life”), and, as they enjoy themselves “at the fair,” they grow ears, donkey hair and hoofs, eventually starting to bray [or pray], finally turning into real donkeys! Often, we in our societies consider ourselves “sheep,” or some animal because we become so dependent on our governments, doctors and religious leaders! Like Odysseus’ men, we become transformed into animals because we can not resist the spell of a charismatic witch or wizard!