One Last Time

“ONE LAST TIME!” a poem, written: May 17, 2019 (Friday)

I-will hold you ONE LAST TIME, like-the-first-time, Love!

But-I’ll-hold-you-for-FOREVER! We-are like-“the-dove,”

Who-mate-for-life, through stress and strife,

And I must have you – for-all-my-life,*

Or-else what good is life to me?

For you alone, do hold The Key,

To-my-heart, my life and hope!

Without-you, Darling, I just mope!

And walk around the house all day,

Say-ing: “Where-is-SHE; I’m so ‘gray!’ ”

And, THEN! I-notice-I’m-holding-you,

But we’re so close, you’re out of view!

And I just-cuddle, with-you-right-here!

And say: “I thought I lost you, Dear!”

And-you-say: “You’ll-never-lose-me, Bud;

‘Cause – you’re my favorite, loving stud!”

fin <3

* – or “as my wife . . . ”