39 Things Horrible you might say 😂🤣

“30 HORRIBLE, CLEVER THINGS YOU MIGHT SAY!” a poem May 18, 2019 [Sat.]
30 things because my birthday is on May 30th! Yes! This month! This year! Thanks!

(1) I’m gonna squish you, like the bug you are!*
(2) Let’s make this better! (3) I love you more, by far,
Than Him!** (4) You’ll be better SOON!
(5) Fly me! (pause) to the moon,
Because – (6) You’re [Are-you] in a bad place?!
(7) I wanna kiss your face!
(8) You need to check this out!
(9) I’m OK! (10) I just need to pout!
(11) I need time alone! (12) I have no appetite!
(13) I’m sorry you’re bleeding! [I did-not mean to bite!]
(14) You need SALVATION! (15) Would you please read this?
(16) Your grandma is in the other room; IF you love her, give her a kiss!
(17) Let’s hear what you’ve prepared!
(18) THIS! really needs to be shared!
(19) May I help you! (20) Yes! (21) Shove it – up your – – –
(22) I’m afraid I may have gas!
(23) We’re only human, after all!
(24) When I’m done [with that] I’ll give you a call!
(25) I am intense, so you may not be able to be with me!
(26) So, we’d better just take time off! (27) Can’t you just LET IT BE?

(28) Let it be; let it be; let it be; let it be-e-e-e!
(29) Sentiments-like-that-can-be-LA-ZY! (30) Won’t you-please – just-shoot-me-e-e-e?

fin <3

* – perhaps the least offensive one in the group, although that it open for discussion!
** – or Her, or whatever