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Nature at its best love is in the eye of the beholder


    Did you know that


    Signature with gaps (written in broken manner) reveals that you are clever and selective. Not only this, you are also somewhat introvert in nature i.e you like being in your own company.

    Letter To My Husband

    Letter to my Husband ~ Quote


    Morrison announces new cabinet line up – Yahoo News


    Morrison announces new cabinet line up – Yahoo News

    Give me loving all day long ~ Texas Cowboy



    I’ve said it BEFORE! and I know you want more,
    Of The Topics of: BORE and of CHORE!

    So! (pause) Why’s-the-word-LIFE, which-rhymes-with-WIFE,
    Also rhyme – with a “hard word” like STRIFE?

    And KNIFE! and RIFE!
    And-it-[also] rhymes-with-FIFE,
    Through this IF-y, old World – and I HAVE-to-be “girl-ed,”
    Or-I’ll-get-bored without “her-sweet-arch!”

    You-gotta-stay-ON-YOUR-TOES, so a double-edged-sword,
    Should keep you from-ever – getting too-bored!

    And, although you might HATE – your-“to-do-do-do list,”
    You might: (1) love; (2) accept; (3) miss: (4) whip-out the chores,
    As you wait to get kissed!

    So, friends and fa-mi-ly,
    Can fill you with glee,
    AND! Can make all your life just-a-H – L L!
    But – boredom’s a b – – – h –
    And a real good witch,
    Can keep you a-lovin’ quite well!

    So, count all your blessings, as you curse your bad luck;
    You might feel better – after a *,
    Reminds you: that WATER OFF-of-YOUR BACK –
    CAN KEEP OFF THE BOREDOM, so you-two can “shack,”

    And, after the lovin’, and you’re-feelin’-RELAXED,
    You-KNOW Chores’ll-PROVE-your-love, and you’re-sure-to-be-“taxed,”
    With another GREAT day here in your LIFE,
    Which-is-about: GOOD-LOVIN’ – and, for-sure, about STRIFE!

    🙂 – So, WHY? isn’t she SURE – my love is true?
    <[|:) -Is your love TRUE, Honey? Kiss me! More!

    fin <3 * – duck et al

    Healthy EATING


    We humans have been studying our reflection in mirrors since we discovered our faces in shiny pools of water. In Greek mythology, Narcissus becomes consumed with his reflection in a pond and disappears into the water, never to be heard from again, making him perhaps the first person to fuss over a selfie. We’re kind of obsessed with this external shell we move around in every day.

    Bentley Adams wants to change that. Rather than obsessing over our body image, Adams wants to see humans care more about the food they put inside of it. He sees an opportunity for people to do something daily that will change the focus of the object in the mirror. Thanks to Instagram, Snapchat and the many camera-based apps out there, many of us are already doing that “something.”

    “I’m talking about taking pictures of the food we eat,” Adams says.

    Adams is the CEO and founder of MealShare, an approachable platform where people can snap a picture of what they eat, press a button, and receive nutritional reviews of their food from registered dietitians, known as Pros. What would normally require one to two hours of client intake, takes 90 seconds on MealShare.

    The app opens to the camera on a phone, prompting people to take pictures of their meals, rate their food choice, and receive feedback from Pros that they are connected with, or Pros that can be handpicked for them. For Bentley, the camera is a metaphor for the mirror.

    “We have a marketing-driven image of what a human being should look like. MealShare is challenging that right now. We need to get to a place where we aren’t judging each other or ourselves based on our bodies or engaging in body shaming. Instead, let’s turn the camera, the mirror, on our food. Let’s start paying attention to what’s going on inside of our bodies, not how we look on the outside. Food is our freedom. The things we eat make us who we are.”

    “Food is our freedom. The things we eat make us who we are,” says Bentley Adams, founder, and CEO of MealShare.

    MealShare also provides a communication and engagement tool that acts as a catalyst for dietitians to grow their own practice. Think of the tool as a talking mirror, expect rather than pipe sunshine all day (surely we can’t always be the fairest of them all), the Pros become a trusted source of nutritional guidance that offers thoughtful and compassionate reflections on a client’s food choices based on goals they set in the app. To date, the app has prompted 10x higher engagement than other platforms and allows dietitians to better monitor their clients’ food habits.

    Ever since Adams can remember, he’s had a deeper calling to help people live a healthy life. By his mid-twenties, he was crafting deals on the founding team of one of the fastest growing healthcare companies in U.S. history that resulted in $2 billion of total contract value in less than a year. From there, he continued to follow his passions as a health transformer, and eventually jumped off to support companies and teams in the healthcare ecosystem.

    “When I was studying as a personal trainer in college, my mentor informed me that two-thirds of the U.S. adult population was unhealthy, meaning obese or overweight, and headed for a life of pain, disease, and suffering. This rocked my world. It made me sad. I know most people wouldn’t want to live the life of discomfort that lay ahead of them. So, I worked in the healthcare system,” Bentley says.

    Eventually, he felt the need to come at systemic health issues from a different angle. The U.S. healthcare industry is valued at $3 trillion, yet according to the CDC’s most recent statistics, the rate of unhealthiness is now 70.7%, up from 66% a decade ago. Additionally, the value of the weight loss market continues upward, with recent estimates putting it at almost $70B. With MealShare, Bentley hopes to show people what a sustainable lifestyle of healthy eating can look like, one that lasts for 30 years versus a three-month diet fad.

    To date, MealShare’s app has prompted 10x higher engagement than similar platforms and allows dietitians to better monitor their clients’ food habits.

    “Every person who studies the human body knows that nutrition is the key to our health. Food is medicine, but we have to remember it is a slow medicine,” Bentley says. “Changes to our body can happen quickly, and fade quickly depending on how we treat it. But a sustainable lifestyle of healthy eating, that is the real goal.”




    “YEAH!” a poem May 25, 2019 [Saturday]

    Yeah, don’t water so much, ’cause the water bill’s too high,
    And The Sun’ll-burn-your-skin – and probably hurt your eye!
    So, wear protective lenses, a hat – and some sunscreen!
    Yeah, without the water, the grass’ll-be-brown, not-green,
    BUT! Don’t-overexert-yourself! Come inside and watch TV,
    And don’t drink wine or soda – and simply hold on[to] me,
    And forget about – that other bloke, whose head is full o’ holes;
    Focus HERE [on “this one”] and forget about your goals!

    Let’s-all forget about sunshine and rain and holding too much – on trees,
    And forget about “The Outside Birds & Bees,”
    And swimming, dancing – and LATE NIGHT romancing!

    Hold onto your money! Don’t give it away;
    It’s EXTREMELY hard to come by, on any given day!

    BUT! “Hate your life”* might mean loving it too!
    Hating could just be using whatever appears to be given you!
    USE IT! ABUSE IT! Take a chance and rush outside,
    And get real silly – and – from-the-TV, just hide,
    And DON’T watch THAT movie – for the 100th time;
    Write you a poem, about hatred and crime,
    Where, not-only-do-you (gasp!) RUSH-into-The-Sun, gravity DEFEATED!!!!!
    ‘Cause: You wanna fly! and make the grass green and grow “conceited,”
    By the standards of The World that just wants to see you conform – and die,
    To Life, Liberty – The PURSUIT of Happiness! My; oh, my!

    Yeah! Just go do it! OR – (this is OK too) go rest! and-get-ready-for-tomorrow,
    Where you’ll knock-over-the-bank-and-kiss-the-girl-and-borrow-$1000-and-buy-all-the-neighbors-a-big-ice-cream-cone!

    And! WHO-KNOWS?

    You might (gasp!) not-answer-your-phone! 🙂 – No, no, no, no, no, no, n – OK, maybe!

    fin <3

    • – another one of those goofy Jesus sayings

      Child Abuse warning


      Police warn parents of 14 apps that could be dangerous for kids

      Police are urging parents to check their children’s phones and the apps on their devices as this is the best way to defend against possible predators.

      Some tips to protect children according to police are:
      Approve every app on your kid’s phone
      Check their privacy settings

      Speak with your children about phone use, app use and social media

      LAS VEGAS (KSNV) – Law enforcement agencies across the country are warning parents of 14 popular apps that could put kids in danger of predators.

      Police are urging parents to check their children’s phones and the apps on their devices as this is the best way to defend against possible predators.

      Some tips to protect children according to police are:

      Approve every app on your kid’s phone
      Check their privacy settings
      Speak with your children about phone use, app use and social media

      14 apps that police say could be dangerous for children. (Source:Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office’ Facebook)

      Here are the 14 apps police say parents need to be aware of:

      SNAPCHAT: allows users to take pictures and videos that disappear with new features like ‘stories’ that allow users to view content for 24 hours and see your location.

      KIK: allows anyone to direct message instead of text messaging and gives unlimited access to anyone, anytime.

      YELLOW: allows teens to flirt with one other similar to Tinder.

      HOLLA: video chat app that allows users to meet through their phones across the world in seconds.

      OMEGLE: allows users to chat for free and encourages anonymous chatting with strangers.

      BUMBLE: similar to Tinder, a dating app that requires women to make first contact, though kids are known to create fake accounts and falsify their age.

      WISHBONE: allows users to compare photos to each other and rate one another on a scale.

      CALCULATOR%: secret app that allows users to hide photos, videos, files and browser history.

      ASK.FM: notorious for cyberbullying, this app encourages to anonymously message others to ask questions.

      WHISPER: anonymous social media app that allows users to share secrets with others and can share users’ locations so they can meet.

      BURNBOOK: allows users to post anonymous rumors through text, audio and pictures.

      HOT OR NOT: allows users to rate profiles and find people in their area and chat.

      LIVE.ME: live streaming app that uses geolocation to share videos so users can see the broadcaster’s location.

      INSTAGRAM: one of the most popular apps among children, kids are known to use this app for fake accounts and to text since the conversation is deleted when someone leaves the chat.

      These are only examples of potentially dangerous apps, and parents should monitor all apps and note if they offer messaging features. Always be aware of who your children are talking to and how they are doing so, always have full access to your children’s social media accounts at all times !

      It’s not an invasion of privacy, it’s being a responsible parent !

      #FACAA #ProudFACAA #Apps #IG #SnapChat #Omegle #Internet #ProtectYourKids #EndingChildAbuse #RaisingAwareness #ChangingLaws #ChangingLives #HealingSurvivors #GuardiansOfTheInnocent #VoiceForTheVoiceless #HopeForTheHopeless #ChildrensChampions #WeWilLFight #StandUp #NEverGonnaStop #FromHellWeRise #JuliasJustice #PhoenixProgram #JamiesGuardians


      Songs of love ~ MYSTIC POET ~


      “APPROPRIATE SONGS! YOU MIGHT KNOW IT! FROM YOUR SILLY FRIEND, THE MYSTIC POET!” a poem May 25, 2019 (Friday) Our musical selections are: “Lay Lady Lay,” by B. Dylan, “Crazy,” by W. Nelson, The theme from “Les Miserables,” by B. Poledouris, “It’s So Nice To Have A Man About The House,” sung by D. Shore and “Sentimental Journey,” The Les Brown Band.

      When ALL your Lady wants to do –
      Is: WAIT IN BED, just wait for you,
      Vali-DATE-her! with: “Lay Lady Lay,”
      And-she-might-jump-out! and-shout: “Hooray,”
      Admitting: “You-love-me EVEN IF I just lay around;
      Yes, it’s TRUE! LOVE! I’ve-finally-found!”

      OR – IF-you’re-just-plain-berserk, outta-your-friggin’-mind,
      Just put on “Crazy,” sing-it and un-wind,
      And remind Mr. Right – that-you’re-crazy-in-love-over-him,
      And that-that’s the reason for your vigor and vim!!
      So! It’s HIS FAULT that you’re acting this way,
      ‘Cause he’s [just] too darned attractive – every day! 🙂 – “Well, yeah!”

      And-if-you’re-so-sad, and you just have to sob,
      Put on the theme music – from “Les Miserables!”
      This music’s – SO-WEEPY! and-AMAZINGLY-SAD,
      “Your sad” might-seem-OK, and then you’ll be glad!

      Yeah, it’s-occasionally-nice, To-Have-A-Man-Around-The-House,”
      But SOMETIMES-Mr.-Right-is-a-downright-louse,
      Yet, when you put on this, his “testo-feathers”-‘r-liable-to-stand-right-up,
      And you can remind-him-’bout-dinner-out, so you-two-can-go-sup!

      Also, “Sentimental Journey” might be [just] the thing when you,
      Are-needin’-easy lovin’, with-4-play-t’-set-the moo’ – d
      And he’s just actin’ like a ho’ny-ba—-d, who’s-about-to-ignite,
      The bed! and YOU! and-most-everything-in-sight!
      “Let’s take – a SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY, my Love!” ya-coo-‘n-his-ear,
      And-also-whisper: “I love you more than life, my Dear!”
      This should pretty much confuse him, as the sweet music plays;
      It’ll COOL HIM DOWN, four?someforeplayingways!?
      Of course, if none-of-that works, just throw on – ICE WATER,
      And he’ll scream quite a lot, just like he aught-a[r]! 🙂 – Yipes! Brrrr!
      fin <3

      Well folks that’s life

        Mystic poet 

        • Mystic Poet Laureate
          Forgiveness is the economy of the heart; it saves the expense of anger, the cost of hatred, the waste of spirits,
          The Good Boy Award this Month is Mystic Poet
          When you give someone admiration, it’ll help them feel proud about themselves. So, never be afraid to be encouraging to others, when they need to feel inspired in life.
        • The Life And Days Of Tweedle Dee And Tweddle Dum
          Instead of trying to continually cheer yourself up, and fail badly at it numerous times, perhaps it is time to consider the benefits of anxiety * Less*
        • “THE ART OF BECOMING!” *You*
          Advertisements I am Nothing, but since I’m yours, Something I’ve become Nothing’s happening, But I’m experiencing – being a big bum. Nothing’s here; this is an illusion, but if I am asleep, The dream is real, and I can suffer; I’m in it pretty deep. Why do we suffer this illusion?  I can’t tell you […]
        J Jay Samuel Davis MYSTIC POET

        A TRUE STORY. LITTLE ANN and her mother were walking one day, Through London’s wide city so fair;


        A TRUE STORY.
        LITTLE ANN and her mother were walking one day,
        Through London’s wide city so fair;
        And business obliged them to go by the way
        That led them through Cavendish Square.
        And as theypass’d by the great house of a lord,
        A beautiful chariot there came,
        To take some most elegant ladies abroad,
        Who straitway got into the same.
        The ladies in feathers and jewels were seen,
        The chariot was painted all o’er,
        The footmen behind were in silver and green,
        And four horses gallop’d before.
        Little Ann, by her mother, walk’d silent and sad,
        A tear trickled down from her eye ;
        ‘Till her mother said, ” Ann, I should be very glad
        ” To know what it is makes thee cry.”
        Ah look ! said the child, at that carriage, mamma
        All cover’d with varnish and gold,
        Those ladies are riding so charmingly there,
        While we have to walk in the cold.
        Thou say’st God is kind to the folks that are good,
        But surely it cannot so be ;
        Or else I am certain, almost, that he would
        Give such a fine carriage to thee.

        Look there, little girl, said her mother, and see
        What stands at that very coach door,
        A poor ragged beggar, and listen how she
        A halfpenny stands to implore.
        All pale is her face, and deep sunk is her eye,
        Her hands look like skeleton’s bones ;
        She has got a few rags just about her to tie,
        And her naked feet bleed on the stones.
        Dear ladies, she cries, and the tears trickle down,
        Relieve a poor beggar, I pray ;
        I’ve wandered all hungry about this wide town,
        And not eat a morsel to-day.
        My father and mother are long ago dead,
        My brother sails over the sea ;
        And I’ve not a rag or a morsel of bread,
        As plainly I’m sure you may see.
        A fever I caught which was terribly bad
        But no nurse or physic had I ;
        An old dirty shed was the house that I had,
        And only on straw could I lie.
        And now that I’m better, yet feeble and faint,
        And famish’d, and naked, and cold,
        I wander about with my grievous complaint,
        And seldom get aught but a scold.
        Some will not attend to my pitiful call,
        Some think me a vagabond cheat,
        And scarcely a creature relieves me of all
        The thousands that traverse the street.
        Then ladies, dear ladies, your pity bestow ;
        Just then a tall footman came round,
        And asking the ladies which way they would go,
        The chariot turn’d off with a bound.
        Ah ! see little girl, then her mother replied,
        How foolish it was to complain ;
        If thou wouldst but have look’d at the contrary side,
        Thy tears would have dried up again.
        Thy house, and thy friends, and thy victuals and bed,
        ‘Tvvas God in his mercy that gave ;
        Thou didst not deserve to be cover’d and fed,
        And yet all these blessings we have.
        This poor little beggar is hungry and cold,
        No father nor mother has she ;
        And while thou canst daily such objects behold,
        Thou ought quite contented to be.
        A coach and a footman, and gaudy attire,
        Can’t give true delight to the breast ;
        To be good is the thing thou shouldst chiefly desire,
        And then leave to God all the rest. A. T.

        “GOOD IN THE MOMENT!” a poem, written May 20, 2019, Monday!

        I could not log in, but I did have a-comment;
        Or, actually, A-POEM – It’s-called: “GOOD IN THE MOMENT!”

        “A little from YOU – is, to me, quite a lot!”
        Said the poor, little beggar! “You’re SURELY a sot!”
        Said the mean, feathered ladies! and, with THAT, mama’s tot,
        Let go of mom’s hand! (pause) Emancipation she sought!

        For to HER, li’l Ann Taylor – “GOOD” meant SOME AC-TION! (pause)
        She raced to the coach – and delivered impact-ion:
        She secured many pistols! and gunned them all down!
        Then, the beggar girl and she – dis-appeared into town!

        They carried the spoils they had skillfully retrieved,
        From the purses and bodies – of the corpses! and-it’s-believed:
        That the two became lovers, and-it-was-dear-mommy’s-girl,
        Who-had a sex change operation! Then, they gave crime a whirl!

        A boy! and his girl – are two girls in love,
        Seeking their OWN GOOD! Perhaps, Heaven above,
        Has blessed their strong efforts, for-our Bonny and Clyde,
        Kidnap and pillage and go for a ride,
        In any chariot they choose, and they give to the poor!
        They love to distribute! Strong love is their lore!
        Like Robin and Marian! Pocahontas and John!
        The passion-filled legends of lovers goes on!

        And The Mother? Her-idea-of-“goodness?” was-just-a-sad, early-end,
        Although not too rich, she was seldom a friend,
        To her daughter, now-a-boy, who-did-also-leak-Intel,
        To-uncover corrupt-governments! AND – The-“Beggar-Girl”-is-well,
        For-her-brash, “significant-other” HAS-“relieved” her a-lot;
        Both-now-live in-Colorado, smoking legalized pot!
        And live in-a fine mansion, eating the very best food!
        Moral: ONE-LADY’S-EVIL – CAN-BE-HER-ALTAR[ED]-BOY’S-G-OO-D! (pronounced: Gude!)