Nietzsche’s THE GAY SCIENCE / An Analysis of Nietzsche’s THE GAY SCIENCE / Die fröhliche Wissenschaft / THE GAY SCIENCE by Friedrich Nietzsche / What does Nietzsche mean by “God is dead”? / What does this mean?: “What does not kill me makes me stronger” / Nietzsche and Schopenhauer / Was Nietzsche a proto-Nazi? / Was Nietzsche a fascist? / Was Nietzsche a misogynist? / Was Nietzsche a feminist? / Was Nietzsche a sexist? / What is the “Eternal Recurrence of the Same”? / What is the “will-to-power”? / Nietzsche and “The Will to Power” / Nietzsche and “The Eternal Recurrence of the Same” / Nietzsche and Buddhism / Nietzsche and Hinduism

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Signature with gaps (written in broken manner) reveals that you are clever and selective. Not only this, you are also somewhat introvert in nature i.e you like being in your own company.

Letter To My Husband

Letter to my Husband ~ Quote

Morrison announces new cabinet line up – Yahoo News

Morrison announces new cabinet line up – Yahoo News

Give me loving all day long ~ Texas Cowboy

“DOUBLE EDGED KNIVES CAN CUT YOU BOTH WAYS, AND YOU WOULDN’T WANT IT ANY OTHER WAY, RIGHT? a poem 25 May 2019 (Saturday) I’ve said it BEFORE! and I know you want more, Of The Topics of: BORE and of CHORE! So! (pause) Why’s-the-word-LIFE, which-rhymes-with-WIFE, Also rhyme – with a “hard word” like STRIFE? And […]

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We humans have been studying our reflection in mirrors since we discovered our faces in shiny pools of water. In Greek mythology, Narcissus becomes consumed with his reflection in a pond and disappears into the water, never to be heard from again, making him perhaps the first person to fuss over a selfie. We’re kind […]