~ Borderland – Henry Lawson

I am back from up the country — very sorry that I went — Seeking for the Southern poets’ land whereon to pitch my tent; I have lost a lot of idols, which were broken on the track — Burnt a lot of fancy verses, and I’m glad that I am back. Further out may […]


~ Black Bonnet – Henry Lawson

A day of seeming innocence, A glorious sun and sky, And, just above my picket fence, Black Bonnet passing by. In knitted gloves and quaint old dress, Without a spot or smirch, Her worn face lit with peacefulness, Old Granny goes to church. Her hair is richly white, like milk, That long ago was fair […]

~ Ben Duggan – Henry Lawson

Jack Denver died on Talbragar when Christmas Eve began, And there was sorrow round the place, for Denver was a man; Jack Denver’s wife bowed down her head — her daughter’s grief was wild, And big Ben Duggan by the bed stood sobbing like a child. But big Ben Duggan saddled up, and galloped fast […]

~ Australian Engineers – Henry Lawson

Ah, well! but the case seems hopeless, and the pen might write in vain; The people gabble of old things over and over again. For the sake of the sleek importer we slave with the pick and the shears, While hundreds of boys in Australia long to be engineers. A new generation has risen under […]

~ Australian Bards And Bush Reviewers – Henry Lawson

While you use your best endeavour to immortalise in verse The gambling and the drink which are your country’s greatest curse, While you glorify the bully and take the spieler’s part — You’re a clever southern writer, scarce inferior to Bret Harte. If you sing of waving grasses when the plains are dry as bricks, […]

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