The two-sided statue of Mephistopheles and Margaretta (19th Century) at the Salar Jung Museum in India. The sculpture is carved out of a single log of sycamore wood. Artist unknown


Little Fish ~🐠🐠

β€œHow doth the little crocodile
Improve his shining tail,
And pour the waters of the Nile
On every golden scale!

North Australia


Mother’s Day, 2019 β€” CynthiaBaileyRug

B75A83E4-FD1C-474F-9DCD-539C346DAD9AThose who are of the β€œBut that’s your MOTHER!!! She wouldn’t hurt you!” mentality, please leave quietly now. This post is for those who are suffering through this day due to having a narcissistic mother. No doubt it will irritate you, & those for whom this post is written don’t want or need to hear […]

via Mother’s Day, 2019 β€” CynthiaBaileyRug

Jesus Message

To all my followers of light who see hurt and suffering among your sisters and brothers, my children. Show them the way to forgivness as I would forgive you. seek to understand there past and it will enlighten you to the problem.
remember the judges of the world who do not accept me could never give justice to my children for they see nothing of life and how love is what it is. You are preparing to be ones who one day will judge angels and those who have hurt my children like yourself. Be the love and have the compassion I have and had for you. If ones treat you badly and refuse to do this walk away from them, do not have to much pride where you are deeply hurt. I myself will walk with you and there hurt they cause and refuse to ask forgivness or be sorry will be judged by myself.
Bless you I AM

Thank you my beautiful God I will take note of what you ask and remain free in your love. <3 <3 <3 Luke.


Quotes ~ FUNNY πŸ˜„

Stevan Dohanos -“After Dinner Dishes,” Saturday Evening Post, 1949

Collective insanity

“Collective Insanity!” a poem 11 May 2019 (Saturday)

Is-there-really-[any]-REAL-MEANING [that]-we’re-“leaning toward?”
Or, isn’t-this-mostly, [about]-finding-SOMETHING so-we-don’t-get-[too]-bored?
Because we’re-mostly-seeking-BETTER! or-MORE! or, maybe, “wetter!”
BELIEVING-THINGS!! like: “Things-that-look-wetter are better!?”

LIFE! may-not-be-terribly (if-at-all) “profound,”
Especially – when-we-constantly seem-to-be-BOUND,
TO-always-run-into-“obstacles” as-to-what-we-desire!
And we’re-told-to-be-content with-a-designated “[Shepherd] Squire,”
Who has a happy – and-somewhat kind demeanor,
But-just-seems-to-[like-to]-“herd”-us! What-could-be-meaner!?

Well, what’s-truly-mean may-be convincing-us-[that]-this-HERDING’s * “In Our Best,
Interest!” and/or-that-a shepherd’s-really-needed! It-COULD-be-a-“test,”
You-know, a-sort-of MANIPULATIVE PLOY,
To-keep donkey head’s** – on-each girl and boy?

Pinocchio! Pinocchio! With Him, we’ll cry and sing,
Hoping-for-A-Blue-Fairy to come! With Her, She’ll bring,
Her-lovely-comrade “The Shepherd King!”
And, together, they’ll help you be-a-“perfect”-“ding-a-ling!”

Is there any relief – from this eternally, on-going ruse?
Well, of course there is! – IF you drink enough booze,
Or-if-you-just-force-yourself – to-“kiss The Ring” of-The-Powers-That-Be!
I think there’s probably no escape from OUR COLLECTIVE INSANITY!

fin <3

  • – or HURTing!
    ** – in one version of the “Pinocchio” story, boys flock to a carnival (“life”), and, as they enjoy themselves “at the fair,” they grow ears, donkey hair and hoofs, eventually starting to bray [or pray], finally turning into real donkeys! Often, we in our societies consider ourselves “sheep,” or some animal because we become so dependent on our governments, doctors and religious leaders! Like Odysseus’ men, we become transformed into animals because we can not resist the spell of a charismatic witch or wizard!

It figures πŸ˜ƒ Julian assange ~ we love you 😍

WHY DO YOU RUN OUT ON ME? Perhaps, I’ll never know!
EXCEPT, I-know-I’m-a-lousy-friend, BUT that’s-ALWAYS been-so!
No one really likes me, so I WISH YOU’D COME RIGHT BACK,
At least – to punch me in the nose! You-can-hit-me with your “rack!”
Just-friggin’-knock me SILLY! Go-‘head-and-knock me out!

“IT FIGURES!” a poem May 11, 2019 – SAURDAY

When-you-stoop* to-pummel me – with-your “Pil-lows-of-Wrath,”
I AM pretty sure I know – why-you’re my BETTER HALF,
‘Cause-I-haven’t [even] half a brain, so TREAT ME AS YOU WILL!
ABUSE! I-need-ABUSE! SOME-MORE! (pause) I’m-really such “a pill!”

No one likes me! even moi! and-little-animals-[like-to]-pee,
On my leg! Servin’-me-right, tee hee hee!

Plus! Cats-avoid-me; birds as well;
Dogs bark-eth at me! I love to live in H – – – ,
Awaiting YOUR RETURN! So, you-can-PEE ON-MY-LEG!
Bite ME! Fight me! To-heck-with-love! [Please!] Just** drag, (pause)
Me into-“The-Jungle,” and have your way!
I’m-always-thinking of you, loving-LIFE, so-tired-and-gray!

And I love-the-club-we-started?!
[Our MOTTO?:] “Just throw us under the bus!”

fin <3

  • – or TO CONQUER!
    ** – or what-a:
    *** – and you’re treasurer and secretary, and you stole the funds and ran away to Palm Cove, Queensland, Australia, where the crocs wear shoes and the snakes in the trees, sway with the breeze, and Julian Assange is still looking for some word to rhyme with his last name! I HAVE DISCOVERED THAT WORD, and I will disclose it to him, IF he will agree to come to Alpine, Texas, U. S. A., so I can buy him a good cup of coffee and tell him I appreciate his brand of International Humor! Yay, Julian! [An original joke: What do you call it when a [beautiful] witch pees on your leg? A: A wicca leak!]


“DANG LUCKY!” a poem, a.k.a.: “IF You Ask Me, Things Be Pretty Reasonable, OK?” a.k.a.: “In Search Of Happy, Lucky Sunshine People, Dang It!” May 11, 2019 [Saturday]

LUCKY! (I-tell-ya!) I-just-dang-lucky-t’-get-up-in-the-morn[ing], an’-I-ain’t-tryin’!


IT-JUST-HAPPENS! Up!-I-git, right-up! [It] makes-me-feel a-lot-like-cryin’, (pause)

Knowing how lucky I AM – and-that-The-Sun-be-shining!

And, at about 7-or-8 A. M. in the morning – I’M UP! &-within-an-hour, I’m-even-dining,

On-eggs-&-toast, and-IF-I’m-lucky (which-I-am) SAUSAGE! or-BACON!
That’s-what-I-git-t’-have-for-break-y-in-The-Morning; that’s-what-I-be-makin’!

Don’t-ask-me-WHY, even-if-I-know-[now]! WHY? because I’m-lucky-Dang-IT,
&-I’m-feelin’, after I feed the birds & cats outside The Little House, more-than-a-bit,

LUCKY, I-tell-you: “SOMEONE-up ‘THERE’ ” must, I guess, LIKE ME,
For-I-have-many-fine-friends and-activities-to-participate-in (pause) for-tu-nate – LY!

Perhaps-there’s-a-decree, that my life be, a-charming-array of-FORTUNATE-EVENTS,
Because [for-one-thing] the-car-I-drive-at-a-reasonable-rate-of-speed, stopping-completely-at-ALL-“stop” signs, has no major dents;
IT’S (that’s-right) almost-dentless (pause) and-also almost-reasonably-clean,
And my body has reasonable health, and-I’m pretty dang happy by most standards and my mind is pretty serene! πŸ™‚ – Wow! That’s something! Anything else?

Yes! I have a 3-point I.Q.! ONE for me, ONE for you and ONE – for a friend,
And I guess this is a pretty dang good place for my little dang lucky po’m to-fin’lly-end! :) - Yeah! Dang-IT!!!

fin <3