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Flame-templed Babbler (Dasycrotapha speciosa) endemic to the Philippines by Indigo Stain.




▪️A life of hardship shows on the faces and in the clothes of this Galway couple, photographed in 1915 on their way to the local market. They are probably not as old as their appearance suggests, given the average life expectancy in Ireland at this time was 53 years.
▪️He seems to be reasonably well shod, but she appears to have rags tied around her feet, as she sucks on her clay pipe. But… they still walk arm in arm.

(Picture: National Geographic)

Jane Austen ~ Diary exerts🌹🌹🌹

When Winchester races first took their beginning
It is said the good people forgot their old Saint
Not applying at all for the leave of Saint Swithin
And that William of Wykeham’s approval was faint.

The races however were fixed and determined
The company came and the Weather was charming
The Lords and the Ladies were satine’d and ermined
And nobody saw any future alarming.–

But when the old Saint was informed of these doings
He made but one Spring from his Shrine to the Roof
Of the Palace which now lies so sadly in ruins
And then he addressed them all standing aloof.

‘Oh! subjects rebellious! Oh Venta depraved
When once we are buried you think we are gone
But behold me immortal! By vice you’re enslaved
You have sinned and must suffer, ten farther he said

These races and revels and dissolute measures
With which you’re debasing a neighboring Plain
Let them stand–You shall meet with your curse in your pleasures
Set off for your course, I’ll pursue with my rain.

Ye cannot but know my command o’er July
Henceforward I’ll triumph in shewing my powers
Shift your race as you will it shall never be dry
The curse upon Venta is July in showers–‘.

~ – Jane Austen

Jane Austen ~When Stretch’d on One’s Bed

When stretch’d on one’s bed
With a fierce-throbbing head,
Which preculdes alike thought or repose,
How little one cares
For the grandest affairs
That may busy the world as it goes!

How little one feels
For the waltzes and reels
Of our Dance-loving friends at a Ball!
How slight one’s concern
To conjecture or learn
What their flounces or hearts may befall.

How little one minds
If a company dines
On the best that the Season affords!
How short is one’s muse
O’er the Sauces and Stews,
Or the Guests, be they Beggars or Lords.

How little the Bells,
Ring they Peels, toll they Knells,
Can attract our attention or Ears!
The Bride may be married,
The Corse may be carried
And touch nor our hopes nor our fears.

Our own bodily pains
Ev’ry faculty chains;
We can feel on no subject besides.
Tis in health and in ease
We the power must seize
For our friends and our souls to provide.

~ When Stretch’d on One’s Bed – Jane Austen


Grahame Mundine ~ ABORIGINAL Rights activists advocate

High ranking Marist brother Graeme Mundine has been sentenced to at least 18 months behind bars for the sexual abuse of 5 boys in his care.

Graeme Mundine, a prominent Aboriginal rights advocate has been convicted of historic sexual abuse crimes and sentenced to three years in prison with an 18 month non-parole period for offences relating to five male victims in the 1980s.

The 58 year old faced three charges of assault, an act of indecency and four charges of indecent assault to a party under 16 in Campbelltown District Court for offences that occurred over a four-and-a-half year period while he was a Marist Brother dorm master and teacher at St Gregorys College in Sydney.

In sentencing, District Court judge Chris O’Brien acknowledged Mundine’s contribution to the Aboriginal community in the years after the crimes tool place and noted the absence of similar offences since that time. The fact is no matter who someone was before they abused a child, the moment they touched the child or hurt the child they were no longer people of good character.

The businessman and former chairman of the Abbott government’s Indigenous Advisory Council, Warren Mundine, said the news of his brother’s crimes came as a shock and “raises a lot of questions”. What questions did it raise Mr Mundine ? He was tried and convicted in a court of law so what questions does it raise exactly ? The only question it should raise is how did you not know and the answer to that is simply, Child abusers are MASTER manipulators. That’s what they do, not your fault.

In the 1990s, Mundine became the inaugural Chair and Executive officer of the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Catholic Council. He also co-authored the Catholic Church’s response to the 1997 Bringing Them Home Report on the Stolen Generations.
Later, he headed the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ecumenical Commission within the National Council of Churches in Australia. He was also the Executive Officer of the Aboriginal Catholic Ministry in the Archdiocese of Sydney.

We did not include this to talk about how good a person Mundine was, we mentioned this to speak to the fact that child abusers can be anyone, anywhere. They do not have to be the dirty old pervert hiding behind a tree in the park wearing a trenchcoat. In fact 90% of all child abuse crimes are perpetrated by someone known to the child. People in well-respected positions of power often use that power to groom their victims and the families of their victims.

Mundine should have had aggravated charges added to his charge sheet because of the nature of trust that he broke in order to abuse the children in his care. He used his position as house master at Marist colleges to gain overnight access to his victims and no doubt used his position in the Aboriginal, Catholics and government communities to covince his victims that no one would believe them !

Judge O’Brien said Mundine had “besmirched the reputation of the religious order and the men who followed in his footsteps”.

“These are serious offences which occurred over a four-and-a-half year period,” he said.

“This was a serious breach of trust and abuse of power.

“The offender took advantage of the naivety and vulnerability of the victims.

“Disturbingly the events occurred when the victim was seeking guidance or support and was instead met with sexual abuse.

“The victim impact statements were both powerful and moving.

“There is no doubt these events have had a significant affect on their lives.”

This was not Mundine’s only brush with the law, Mr Mundine was also convicted of similar crimes against male students at another Catholic boarding school at Pagewood in 1988.

Sadly child abusers can and do exist in all levels of society, sadder still they often use the power they have gained to abuse more children. Often I wonder if they don’t seek out those positions of power with the sole purpose of offending against children.

Graeme Mundine, your brother said your conviction raised a lot of questions, we hope our article answered his questions.

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I tell it like it was 😂🤣😁😅😆😉😊

When I was a child I can still remember looking up at a man just like him. My father looked down at me. I was under the shadows of that giantic belly. Thats all I could see, no face, nothing! To my Father’s embrassment I still to this day see Dad’s face flush a crimson yellow. Gushing, “oh my goodness gracious wow said the little bird that’s huge ballon you have there, MR HOTEL. 😂🤣🤣 AS THE STORY GOES 🤣😂 he was the retiring Commissioner Of the Police Force 😂🤣🤣🤣 oh, what a day that was. Dad scooped me up ( 2 foot little kid) and ran. 😀😁😂

Her ~ 2

“HER 2 !” a poem May 9, 2019 [Thor’s Day]

A woman in love [is] a-most-beautiful-sight; [for] she smiles and floats on a cloud!

A woman in love is happy and gay – if-you’re-with-her, you-feel-so-proud,

And-people will notice – and look at you both – and jealous as H – – – will they be,

Because you’re the luckiest people-in-The-World, as-you’re-walking-right-past-merrily!

A woman in love feels safe and secure! She’ll-move-mountains, with-only-a-glance,

Because, even mountains – and rivers-and-forests will all want to join in The Dance,
A pure dance of BEING, infectious and sweet, and people are jealous, until they all see,
That BEING IN LOVE is-[also]-something-for-them! The potential is great, and it’s free!

So, please just be patient – & kind & detached – & LOOK AT THE WORLD with LOVE,
Eventually-SHE’ll-come and-visit-with-YOU! We all feel this thing I talk of!

And-There-are-romantic-examples – in every good-movie,
And NOW – YOU HAVE US! (pause) Isn’t that groovy?

So-REMEMBER, Love’s-possible, but-also a-little-bit-rare,

Enough-so-that-when-you-see-it, YOU JUST WANT TO STARE,

To see what develops! It’ll save EVERYTHING!

When children discover-it, they frolic and sing!

Yes, it’s rare!-Don’t-give-up! For, it’s so worth the wait,

It’s-THAT-THING-we-like-to-talk-about – Come on! CELEBRATE!

fin <3



It was snowing freezing and look at the hen keeping kittens warm. Kindness to Nature. 🍀☘️ This picture said it all☘️🍃🌿 Why don’t Humans help other Humans when things go wrong 😭 STRANGE THAT !

BIRDS ~~ Beautiful cockerel ( rooster )

~ Beautiful cockerel ( rooster )

Art ~ By Zurab Martiashvili

In Search of the Promised Land

By Zurab Martiashvili

In Search of the Promised Land

What next ~ only in Australia

Sheep semen actually.. Sheep semen from our best poll rams come in 280g containers for artificial insemination purposes and once used salt as a preservative in the past prior to cryogenic technology. Sperm from men who donate sperm would be very lucky if the quantity exceeded 50g or 50ml, although some doctors do mix other sperm into the IVF but for anonyminity purposes. I know all this because I used to be a cocktail mixer in a sordid bar in the Philippines?😂