“THE LIGHT OF AQUARIUS!” a poem, a.k.a.: The 151st Psalm, ‘Of Light,’ for Tom.I.S.uss, Light-Bearer of Alpine, Texas! April 29, 2019 (MOON day)

LOVING TOO MUCH? in-a-society-repressed,
Is-called: stalking! s–ual-deviancy! or-abuse, but-was-blessed,
By societies-at-other-times, whose-fabrics-were-hurting, you-know,*
“Political Correctness” has-a-“dark-side”-and-is-[WIDE]-SPREAD, wherever you go!

NOW, a person who does ANYTHING – a-bit-“more” than “the norm,”
Is labeled: EXCESSIVE! OBSESSSIVE! [and]-is-ostracized-in-A-STORM,
Created-by: straight-laced, repression-minded “TEMPERance groups,”
Who have tempers! and “manners!” and-may-be-“a-bunch-o’-poops!”

So-many like-to-POINT-FINGERS – [and] hide feelings away,
For-they-fear-IMPROPRIETY! might carry-them-astray,
In-to some scary “Subconscious-of-Sensual-Delight!”
Perhaps, they’re just fearing – to be-caught-“in-His-Light!”

Shunned-by-society, friends-and-neighbors, He-might-be-seen-at-night,
Wandering! like-Santa! but-His-gifts bring-things-into-sight!

He gives us DAY-BREAK, coming-after-dark, so-we’re-calm!
Then-He-provides-SUNSHINE! Let’s-read-The-151st-Psalm!

fin <3

* – e.g.: The (so-called) HOLY Roman Empire, where brutality was sanctioned and the public was encouraged to view suffering and death at crucifixion/burial sites, arenas and coliseums, some elaborately constructed and maintained for its citizens to enjoy!