“STRAWBERRY FIELDS!” a poem April 9, 2019 [Tuesday]

It’s “The Mystic Poet,” Everyone! His-theme, is-it-quite-clear?
[Because – Doesn’t-he-repeat-it – year-a after year!?]
It REALLY is-not that profound! He just-says:-“Not to-fear,
Since we’re incompetently-programmed!! Oh-my-Oh-my-Oh-Dear,
God! [Is there really any [God] to appease?
Or appeal to – or for-to “shoot the breeze?”]

Perhaps, we might as well – RELAX – and try(?) to enjoy,
Our MASQUERADE-around-here as-part-of-“The-Real-McCoy,”
Which-is-just-“the-life-stream”-which we can’t comprehend,
And-what-we-think-we-see* – never com-eth to an end!**

Well, who knows? Who cares? DON’T BELIEVE ME! I’m not even “real,”
So I am not even writing this, and I think that our last meal,
Never was! So, why are you reading?
And why am I writing? and why are refugees bleeding?
Well, go ask Trump! or-Putin or-George,
W. Bush, who’s-maybe in Dallas (Texas), enjoying an ORG-
Y – or, perhaps, writing some historic[al] memoirs!

Anyway, IF you can, just take-a-pause,
And occasionally, smile and try not to fret,
Hold a lovely hand and cast aside regret!

fin <3

* – Well! Didn’t THEY tell us that we [and everyTHING] is just some blurry set of atoms? Do you believe that? Why not?! πŸ™‚ – L. O. L.

** – “Matter is neither created nor destroyed, it is simply transformed?” Albert Einstein

Strawberry Kisses πŸ“

Published by J Jay Samuel Davis

A West Texas Cowboy, seeking "fishers of (wo)men!"