“SATURDAY!Β  Party Day?”~ πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’«

“SATURDAY! Party Day?” a poem April 20, 2019 (The Saturday, before Easter!!)

It-was-Saturday in-the-Holy-Land, and folks were feelin’ “down,”
For “Lordy! Our-Lord-Jesus is-no-more-to-be-foun[d];
His body, just-a-since-yesterday, got buried – in The Tomb!
Crucifixion-can-be-a-DRAG! It brings us lots of doom!”

So, Little Mary, Mary-Contrary – [usually] contrary-to-The-Max,
Came up with “a picnic plan,” to-get-us-out-o’-our-shacks!
She gathered wine – and cheese and bread,
And said: “COME ON!” That’s what she said;
“Let’s go and sup – outside His tomb!”
And, The-Magdalena at-her loom,
Said: “Yeah, you jokers!! Mary’s right!
We need ‘a break!’ from mourning hard!”
So all THE BAND – got food and nard,
And doth proceed-eth-ed to-have A BLAST,
Outside the tomb! A-real RE-past!
They ate and drank – into The Night,
Passing-eth-ed-OUT! There-upon-that-site!

Then, Roman soldiers – collected-them-all,
Would (eventually) work – and-plot to-kill-’em-good!
(Years-from-then, of-course! Years-from-then-he-would!)
Yet (long, eerie pause!) –
As they slumbered, vomit-smeared,
Inside-The-Jail (and some-were-pretty-“teared”),
Thinking – of Their Savior To-them, he-was LOST,
And-what-they-WOULD-‘A’-DONE, now, at-any-cost,
To have Him there, back-from-The-Grave, (another long, eerie pause!)

MOONLIGHT DANCED!!!!!! off-o’-rock-and-cave! πŸ™‚ – Oo-oo-oo!
And-a-subtle-scratching!!! was slightly heard,
By lizard, insects – and – even a bird!*
There-was-a-tiny-“stirring,” for IT-was-CLOSE,
To-The-Resurrection – of “The Gnos[s]!”**
fin <3

* – The Blue Bird of Happiness, of course!
** – The “Gnosis,” intuitive-knowing, stressed by early mystics known as “Gnostics,” who were persecuted & killed off, for suggesting each soul has the capacity to transcend this conditional realm, overcoming illusions of life, disintegration and high gas prices!! A remnant escaped to France, wearing no pants & on Sabbath, they-do-a-s-x-y-dance!

Happiness is freedom to live without prosecution or opinions of misguided souls who are victims of self proclaimed judgement ideals within their lives of conditioning by unfounded beliefs systems.
Be the best version of yourself.
Sprinkle star dust all over the world
It’s free you know
  1. Your comment always wise and appreciate it thank you and peace be with you always

  2. we need to encourage the light, there is too much talk of doom, as Jesus says, God resides in all…


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