Papers on Humanity💥

The two incompatible ways to manage society

  1. Crucial direction of social development.

a. In society, the crucial issue is discipline.

b. All human mood and conduct via the mind, there are only

two ways of bringing discipline to the mind, by external

threat, or by self-discipline.

c. In our modern world there is a highly developed cultural

tradition representing each these two conflicting and

incompatible social ideologies.

i. Islam: Asserts the group over the individual.

Externally exerted compliance, carried by religious

fervor. Islam requires all human spirits be Muslims.

The way of life is the Muslim way. Enforced social

discipline, cultural police, comply with the accepted

manner of the group, people do as required or the

sanctions are extreme, such as cutting off hands,

beheading, and stoning.

ii. Western society: Asserts the individual over the

group. Individual expected to be reasoned, fair, and

self-disciplined within the rule of law. Asserts all

human spirits can be as they choose. The way of life

is the way they choose. Self-discipline required of

the individual, resistance to all imposed sanctions

expressed in the ideal of human rights.

d. The west is the only cultural system able to commit to

supporting the spiritual fulfillment of each unique human

spirit. For detailed discussion refer The Western Way,

number 25 on the list of citation.


e. These two incompatible ideological/cultural positions

are today in intense rivalry and significant global

conflict. Over the next 50 years humanity will pass over

a tipping point, if Islam wins, humanity will be hampered

for several hundred years until the demands for

personal spiritual fulfilment in life will over throw the

choke-hold of Islamic social control. In terms of the

evolution of modern western ideology, it will be the

Inquisition all over again.

  1. Question: there is ample global evidence to support the

analysis, refer The silent majority do not count,

/10157098837812346. Which do you support … a

society where each unique spirit is free to pursue its own

chosen life fulfillment, or a society where the spiritual

and life path direction is dictated?

In your choice you will set the living experience of your great grandchildren.


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  1. Someone once said you believe in God but you are talking to that person about transcendental mediation, l have not seen that in the bible. I answered by saying but nowhere in the bible does it say you cant do this or that. She thought for a moment.
    But l read the bible and look for answers……..but l do not understand …..I said but its only when you stop looking that God knows you need help ….
    She stopped and said so its only in silence l will hear what he needs me to do ?
    I said yes ……….You cant hear God when you speaking as you think he knows Amen

    1. Pherhaps we need to improve ourselves by living a life of contentment in the eye of The Ten Commandments. Imagine if every human on Earth did that even all the Authors of the Bible wouldn’t that help our planet. Amen 🤝

      1. Absolutely ……When God came he taught me the only law is the 10-commandments and of course as you say………..Imagine IF but on many occasions l have been asked questions about my faith and following God The Father …..
        One such was asking if its ‘ wrong to steal ‘ l always ask what do you think ? The answer was not even a penny ……l said the amount is not relevant …..God Said Thou Shalt Not Steal it was not a question but a Statement to get us to follow and there are consequences to breaking the commandments ………Break one you break all ……

        But teaching people its better to be honest than dishonest and is much much harder and we have to realise that the ‘ Path of God ‘ is harder than the path emboldened by the world.

        My laws are Deuteronomy and together with obeying the 10-commandments avoiding 7 deadly sins and doing right by others and giving without expecting to receive is the most difficult in the world ……Amen

  2. well said, and very black and white, on one hand, you have the breakdown of the social environment in the west, and the strong communal life of Islam, you also have the financial world that tries to dominate all, apart from the communist effort to put it’s chains on People and thought. In a nutshell, it goes back to a better understanding of our existence, and why we exist in the first place. In my opinion, there are changes going on, on all sides. Islam is trying to come in from the cold, it believes in the return of Jesus, while the western religion also believes in the same, while Judaism doesn’t believe in Jesus to the same agree, but also believes in the return, but in a different way, I’m not totally sure, but given that 2,000 odd years since the arrival of Jesus and his new message at the time, it appears to me, that once the return of Jesus is fulfilled, all the parties will consist of one Faith, no religion, just pure Faith in God. How these different opinions are handled in the meantime will have an impact on faith as it is supposed to be lived, survives.
    In a nutshell, if we can put aside our differences, and focus on the Issues that are so paramount to our very existence, the failing environment, both environmentally speaking and socially, our problems will begin to solve themselves. I have personally encountered the divine Spirit, (saw it with my own eyes, and it’s very healing), and once we grow that influence, Islam which believes in Jesus, and the other main religions, will finally agree to put their differences aside for the sake of the world to come. Sorry for the long winded response, but i have been working on this for some time, and know that Jesus is the answer to all our problems, but can we learn to forgive and put our differences aside, that is the issue, amen. Jesus was and is compassion incarnate

    1. With the greatest respect Sir you write great wisdom and comfort. Thank you for your gracious verse. I read several times and learnt 🤗

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