~ Purple-throated woodstar (Calliphlox mitchellii)

~ Photo by : Javier Zurita

~ The purple-throated woodstar is a species of hummingbird, and it is one of the four Calliphlox species, the woodstars.


“WEEDS!”  a poem   April 29, 2019 [Monday] 🌼

“WEEDS!” a poem April 29, 2019 [Monday]

IN SOME BEGINNING, there-were many WEEDS, and-BEAUTY-was-seldom-seen!

Then, people-started-to-appreciate-things, by-saying: “THAT’S SO KEEN!”

And, as time went by, there were fewer “weeds;”

We started-calling-them-“flowers,” and-we-collected-their-seeds!

We gave them LOVE – and brought-them-“inside!”

They just got SO pretty! (From-LOVE-you-just-can’t-hide!)

fin <3

Why kill yourself 💥

There will never be a “PERFECT” time to quit Smoking

A time when you don’t have any distractions or stress

If you started today one year ago,

This would not be an issue today

Don’t waste another year


“DOING WHAT YOU LOVE!”  a poem  April 29, 2019 (Moon Day)

“DOING WHAT YOU LOVE!” a poem April 29, 2019 (Moon Day)

There-are-a-myriad-of-notions-I’ve-read-about, but-I’m-not-sure that-I’m,
In-agreement-with-’em (pause) but: “Do-What-You-Love, Lest-You-Waste-Your-Time,”
Does-kind-of-sound-like-“sage advice!” Yet, what-does–LOVE-mean-to-YOU!?
That’s-the-key-question-I-think; maybe “searching-Your-Heart’s”-what-you’ve-got-to-do!

Any-hoo, I-think-I-may-be doing-WHAT-I-LOVE-TO-DO, but-it’s-kind-of-odd!
Doing-what-I-LOVE-was IMPOSSIBLE! before-I-met- “my God!”
You-see, in-the-past, I sort-of looked around – SEEKING for “The Lord,”
But He – or-She was absent (I think?), so I got pretty bored!

Then, one day THE LORD APPEARED! I saw IT – in the eyes,
Of this most radiant creature! (I’m telling you no lies!)

Yes, I-saw-“GOD”-in-YOUR-eyes, My Dear! I said: “I’m finally HOME!”
Now, I do exactly what I LOVE! which-is: “living out” OUR POEM!
We live OUR poem-about-Cuddly-Bedbugs!! It’s-our-poem!-Yes! Yippee!
We-get-to-live-“HAPP’LY-EVER-AFTER,” me – and-my Hon-ey! 🙂 – Yay!

fin <3


“THE LIGHT OF AQUARIUS!” a poem, a.k.a.: The 151st Psalm, ‘Of Light,’ for Tom.I.S.uss, Light-Bearer of Alpine, Texas! April 29, 2019 (MOON day)

LOVING TOO MUCH? in-a-society-repressed,
Is-called: stalking! s–ual-deviancy! or-abuse, but-was-blessed,
By societies-at-other-times, whose-fabrics-were-hurting, you-know,*
“Political Correctness” has-a-“dark-side”-and-is-[WIDE]-SPREAD, wherever you go!

NOW, a person who does ANYTHING – a-bit-“more” than “the norm,”
Is labeled: EXCESSIVE! OBSESSSIVE! [and]-is-ostracized-in-A-STORM,
Created-by: straight-laced, repression-minded “TEMPERance groups,”
Who have tempers! and “manners!” and-may-be-“a-bunch-o’-poops!”

So-many like-to-POINT-FINGERS – [and] hide feelings away,
For-they-fear-IMPROPRIETY! might carry-them-astray,
In-to some scary “Subconscious-of-Sensual-Delight!”
Perhaps, they’re just fearing – to be-caught-“in-His-Light!”

Shunned-by-society, friends-and-neighbors, He-might-be-seen-at-night,
Wandering! like-Santa! but-His-gifts bring-things-into-sight!

He gives us DAY-BREAK, coming-after-dark, so-we’re-calm!
Then-He-provides-SUNSHINE! Let’s-read-The-151st-Psalm!

fin <3

* – e.g.: The (so-called) HOLY Roman Empire, where brutality was sanctioned and the public was encouraged to view suffering and death at crucifixion/burial sites, arenas and coliseums, some elaborately constructed and maintained for its citizens to enjoy!

Famous women 💥💋

“One of the benefits of being a mature well-educated woman is that you’re not afraid of expletives. And you have no fear to put a fool in his place. That’s the power of language and experience. You can learn a lot from Shakespeare.”
Judi Dench

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