“Oh, GOD(?) , How Can You Tell?” a poem, in the series “Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo!” April 5, 2019 [Freya’s Day]

Is (s)he THE ONE, for whom you’ve waited?
Is (s)he THE ONE? Are-you-two-“fated!?”

A-Soul-mate!? Well, now, I-can’t-wait,
To-see-you-again! You’re-JUST-SO-GREAT!

How-to-tell? [with]-all-the-lovers-out-there?
Wonderful! Glorious! Se ( ) y – and Fair!

How-you-how-are-you gonna-tell?
Are-your-ears-ringing? with-a-wedding-bell?
That “tolls,” yes, tolls – when (s)he appears;
Is (s)he THE-ONE? No-more-lonely-tears?

WELL, I DON’T-KNOW! Maybe no-one-does,
[whisper] “But-I-[still]-think-(s)he-is JUST BECAUSE:
When-I-think-of-him (her) and-I-call her (his) name,
It occurs to me, if it’s all the same,
That (s)he’s-someone-I-could-[always] stand-beside;
(S)he’s-the-one-I-love-to-cuddle – ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT!”

BESIDES! When my friends see him (her) comin’, THEY-TAKE-“COVER!”
I-think-they-sense-ETERNITY! She’s-my -“for-ever lover!”

Lastly, we’re-so-excited – whenever we do play;
I don’t believe in GOD, but, with-her, I-might-just-pray,
For I think I see an angel – IN THOSE PERFECT EYES,
And-I just-love-her(his)manner – and (pause)
(S)HE’s “the perfect size!” 🙂 – Mmmm!

fin <3

Published by J Jay Samuel Davis

A West Texas Cowboy, seeking "fishers of (wo)men!"

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