“NOTRE DAME, WHAT A GAL!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Sometimes The Divine Plan Is Included As The Lyrics In A Song, Sung In A Foreign Language That Hardly Anyone Understands!” April 16, 2019 (Tuesday)

on television, internationally televised:

The Paris folks are singing, singing [for donations?] in the street,
And The Pontiff is a-dancing – to a classic, Minuet beat!
The ONLY people that KNOW this song, sing ancient French and Greek,
But I got a good translation [somehow!] – It’s-called: “50% To The Meek!”

What they are singing about, as we listen to them on-The-News-of- FOX,
Is all about – how “The Church of God” just-needed a few new locks!!
And, also, how The Holy Rulers of The Catholic Church,
Prayed (and suggested) arson!!!!!-might-get-Notre-Dame-out-of-a-lurch!!

The thing is: As the locks were examined, they-found the doors needed work too,
And (also) the windows and the roof!!!!! needed-to-be BRAND NEW!!!
BUT! There was no money – to finance-the-renovation,

All our cash is given [monthly] to-government-&-Intel crooks,
Who have cornered all the-cell-phone-and-computer-markets, duping all us “sooks!”

So, Jacques DuPres, in Paris, living on Frere Lane,
Lit a match (late Sunday), and God-did-not-make-it-rain!
So, things burned! really-good! (We got the art out though)!
Now, lots of donations-are-bringing! that’s right! beaucoup dough!!

The plan worked!! 50% goes to, you-guessed-it, Vatican City,
For the work of God: salaries-&-reconstructive-surgery-on-any-needed-altar-boy’s-titty!

fin <3


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