“IN[F]ERNAL AFFAIR!”  a poem  18 April 2019 [Thurs’day] ~ MYSTIC POET

“IN[F]ERNAL AFFAIR!” a poem 18 April 2019 [Thurs’day]

“The Queen” arrived! to-“take-out” “The Huntsman!”

And-you-may-ask: “Will Kali’s ‘fornication’ e’er be done?”

The Feminine Principle is devious and strong,
For-with-a-smile-and-a-look all-beings-will-come-along?
To a level – beyond anything you can compare!
Anything that MIGHT be, can-be lost in Her stare,
Which is fearfully hypnotic – in such-a short time!
(How-many-are-already-hypnotized, with-just-7-or-8-lines-of-rhyme?)

Who’s-really-doing-“the-hunting”-here? I-think-it-might-be-The-Queen,
For-she’s-got-amazing-weapons! Some-like-I’ve-never-seen!
She’s-opening-up – the arsenals and grabbing a Big Gun!
Who knows!? The Huntsman – and-The-Queen – might have lot-of fun!!

But, what about Snow White? – and her seven good chums?
Well – some gals like “shorter” and spanking little bums!!

But, now, for-us, The Grown-ups – let’s go back to The Castle,
Where-The-Chambers-of-The-Queen-are-ready! Will-there-be-a-hassle?
Or-will our hero (?) and-arch-enemy – just-“get-it! Get-it ON?”

Well-I’m-just-The-sad-Court-Jester, but The Huntsman might soon be gone!

fin <3


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