I read this in Social Media ~ THOUGHT of the Day πŸ€— Interesting stuff that isn’t Facebook sharing intangible information about being Grown-up πŸ€— Editor’s reply to poor Reggie 😏

So sorry Reggie this post broke my heart. I wish to make this statement to all those Grown-up folk. A thought for the DAY. NOT MANY FOLK HAVE THE PRIVILEGE OF BEING GROWN-UP. Many humans did not get a chance to be Grown-up, died too early. sweetie love is available to Grown-up folk for Eternity. Being a grown-up doesn’t mean you are a feather duster. Some of the greatest gift we have is to be in love. This World today has the most beautiful GROWN-lovers on earth. Life does not end at middle age that my dear is a state of mind. The travesty is folk believe these words in this post and become those words. My Mum always said I would find one day a GROWN-UP intelligent sexy man, I wiser woman she was always right. Mum married that man. Yes he was grown-up, and I was the result of perfect love. I followed suit to be blessed with a grown-up intelligent man. For all Grownups your life to is a reality. Thank you, Reggie for opening up a debate of life’s longing to be hugged and cherished only found in the life of Grown-up life. Make this thought for the DAY inject loving pleasures my Dear πŸ’₯


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