“I CAN’T SLEEP WITH ALL OF YOUR NOT CARING!” a poem April 22, 2019 (Monday)

Mary M. did-burst into-Their-Room!
She seemed distraught, and she carried a “secret” BROOM,
Which she repeatedly, brutally – hit Him with!
[He had him a helmet, but it wasn’t a “pith!”]*

“Care!” she screamed; “You MUST care about things,
Because insomnia (TO ME!) – your non-caring brings!
CARE! about starving babies – death – GOD – and taxes;
Care about ‘internal affairs’ – and medical FAXes,
About ALL THE AFFAIRS – of This WONDERFUL World!!!”

“Ruled by Satan!” He said; and-she-once-more-twirled,
The broom back around – for some MORE good, ol’ whacks!

She said: “Satan’s ALL RIGHT! Just-you-read: [The] Book of Acts,
Where, I think, it-says: Lord Satan – is POSITIVE – and SHINY,
And likes to soothe us, worried women, by-tenderly-pinching-our-heinie!”

“But The World is ILLUSION! That’s why I [really] don’t care,
Anymore-for-it-than [for] ‘dreams,’ The-World’s-up-in-the-AIR,
And it always has been and it always will be,
So, why-are-you-so-annoyed – with-little, ol’-me,
Not-caring-if-this-place endures-or-explodes?
There-are other-worlds, my Love ! oth-er DaVINCI CODES!”

“Well, now that you’ve said ALL THAT, maybe you’ve got a point!
BUT I STILL NEED SHOPPING MONEY, and-if-you-gimme-some, I’ll ‘anoint,’
You with my love – and fly you to The Moon!”
“Now, that’s worth caring about!” He said, and-they-were-lovin’ right-soon!

fin <3

* – Pith helmets are quite sturdy, so his “helmet” might have been a little, soft thing, that did not really protect his delicate person, poor guy!! πŸ™‚ – I’m gonna cry! Is that OK?


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